Judge Defies Federal Law to Protect Illegal Alien

Judge Defies Federal Law to Protect Illegal Alien

Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn called in a pizza delivery two weeks ago, and Pablo Villavicencio delivered it. It was something he has reportedly done before, but this time it went a little differently.

According to The Hill, when Villavicencio got there a Black man asked him of his legal status:

“The guard—whom he identified as African American—asked him for a valid identification document, and since he didn’t have one, the soldier called immigration to arrest him.”

The quote is from Villavicencio’s wife, Sandra Chica, an American citizen.

Pablo could have (and should have) been deported immediately, but that did not happen. The good old (((Legal Aid Society))) stepped in and got a judge to give him an emergency stay good until the 30th of June. He has 2 daughters, so they couldn’t just let these leeches live without a dad. “They’re asking me where he is, why he is not coming home at night, that they miss him, that they want to play with him,” Chica told NBC New York. “Their daddy was taken because of the law of this country because they didn’t give him the chance to continue his legal process here.” Imagine that, their father is a criminal and now he’s being detained. These people think the law should conform to them and not the other way around.

I don’t care that his kids miss him. He shouldn’t have had kids here in the first place. Now, because his legal status didn’t go through, he’s playing the “Oh senor, please. I have kids” card, and all the cucky Whites and other illegals are showing up to support him, rather than our laws.

Most concerning of all, a judge is defying federal law to protect him.

These judges seem to always step in and undermine the Trump administration at every turn when it comes to these issues, or any issue raised by the President. From DACA to the travel ban to even the smallest immigration restriction, any attempt to protect America’s borders is attacked by lawless judges. Take for example in July of 2017 when a Detroit judge blocked the deportation of 1,400 Iraqi nationals, citing they would face persecution in Iraq if deported. Many fail to see how that is our problem or why a judge got involved in the first place.

These Judges act like mini dictators for the left. They overstep their authority, decide what is just in their eyes regardless of the law, and do not care for the will of the people. The people put Trump in office for, in large part, his stance on immigration. If the will of the people is to deport illegals (and it is the law) why block it?

It is the goal of the left to keep using the overreach of these judges to hurt the Trump administration and put as many roadblocks down as they can until their party can get someone into the White House. Trump would be wise to make stopping lawless activist judges a top priority.

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