On Patriotism

What does it mean to be an American patriot in the current year?

On Patriotism

I have been thinking a lot about patriotism recently and about what it means to be an American patriot in the 21st century. Patriotism is considered, by many, to be an outdated and cliched idea. People like Sean Hannity have done a great deal to devalue the term and make the term into a bit of a mockery. But for me, and for many others, patriotism is a deep feeling that you feel in your bones.

I would describe myself as a deeply conflicted American patriot. I wish that I could be far more patriotic then I am. I want to love and be proud of my country far more than I can justify with reason or logic. I love America far more than it loves me or my people. To me, patriotism is a lot about steadfastness. A lot of patriotism is summed up in that oath that all members of the military take, that they will “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Their charge, their mission is to be defenders of the realm. To be defenders of the Anglo-American order that created the Constitution and America’s White way of life. That is patriotism. Defending your people and their way of life, their ideals, and their aspirations represents true patriotism. So the question is: how does a White American maintain his patriotism today without losing heart and hope in America itself?

Game of Thrones is widely considered horrible by those on the Alt Right and I understand why. It is a left-wing show and it has become even more left-wing as the show has gone on. But, occasionally, the show can have some keen incites into government.  The characters in the show who are most involved in the business of government are Lord Varys, who is a spy and collects information to protect the leaders of the kingdom, and Tyrion Lannister.  This show also has a very good expression of another type of patriotism. Lord Varys is having a conversation with Ned Stark and Stark says, “Tell me something Varys, who do you truly serve?” Varys responds, “The realm my Lord, someone must.” This expression of an uncynical, unselfish defense of the realm, the country, and the people is a type of patriotism that I respect and one that I feel that we should promote.

A large part of true patriotism in the American and Western tradition is resistance to tyranny. A big part of the Western story is our wrestling with the power of the state and never being quite comfortable with permanent dictatorship. We in America now live under just as much of a tyranny as ever existed in the Soviet Union. Our television is just as controlled as television was in the Soviet Union or Maoist China. A word or a whisper from an internet activist to an employer can get you fired from your job and blacklisted for eternity. Websites are disappeared from the internet if they are considered too taboo. What kind of a democracy is this?  What is the value of a democracy if it is built upon lies and if it relies upon all members in society lying to themselves and others? The American people must begin to accept that we already live in a modern day tyranny and that it is part of our duty as Americans to fight against it in whatever way we can. America was created to be a place where White people can live in Liberty. Thus far, White Americans have not fought back as America has lost its European character and Liberty.

American patriotism is synonymous with racial struggle. America is a country that is founded in racial struggle. If you go to Washington DC and you appreciate our national monuments, you are celebrating the monuments of slave owners. Unless you are going to Washington to see the Martin Luther King Jr. monument, then you are going to be looking at monuments that are dedicated to men who owned slaves and had a view of America as a European colonial project. In other words, the founding fathers viewed America as a racial struggle. From 1776 to the early 1900s, White Americans were engaged in one race war or another. First against the Indians and then against the Mexicans. Both of these struggles were waged on explicitly racial grounds and without these race wars we would not have America as it exists today. My question for Leftists is, where does your patriotism about America start? Do you start feeling patriotic about America at the founding of the country? Well no, because the founders of America were all racist slave holders and at the founding of America we were a deeply racist country. Do you start feeling patriotic about America after 1860, when the South was defeated? Well, no because after 1860 was when the majority of territory was taken away from the Indians, it is when the majority of our “massacres” of the Indians took place. What about after the second World War where we defeated the Nazis? Well no because segregation was still in place after the end of the second World War and that means that America was still evil after 1945. Where does this patriotism begin? How is it possible to hold the views that the left hold about race and have any feelings of patriotism about America? America itself was, from the liberal and leftist point of view, an evil mistake.

Any real and rooted sense of patriotism must come from a racially aware Right. It is only a racially aware Right that can be honestly patriotic. It is only a racially aware Right that can honestly say, “Yes, America was founded in racial war and it is a good thing that Whites won that war and founded this White country.” The establishment Right cannot be honest with itself about what this country really is and how this country was really founded. The entirety of the Left hates this country and has been working to make it an entirely different country since at least the mid 1900s, and has nearly succeeded in making America a foreign country.

Eric King

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