Poll: Voters Blame Illegal Alien Parents for Child Separations

Poll: Voters Blame Illegal Alien Parents for Child Separations

A Rasmussen poll released Thursday showed that 54% of likely voters believe that the adult illegal aliens who bring children (and who may or may not be their parents) to the U.S. border are responsible for any separations that occur, not the U.S. government. 35% blamed the federal government and 11% said they were not sure. The partisan divide was on display, as 82% of Republicans and 56% of independents blamed the parents, while 60% of Democrats blamed the government.

This poll confirms what many people believed — the media and leftist outrage over the so-called family separations is not shared by the public. This poll comes after days of non-stop moral signaling against the Trump administration for enforcing immigration law. The contrived hysteria was complete with Nazi comparisons and this instant classic:

But American voters, especially Republicans, are tired of what everyone knows is disingenuous posturing done, not to protect children or families, but to pry open America’s borders as wide as possible. The Democrats want a return to catch and release, a policy where illegal aliens are let free under the assumption that they will appear in court, but most never do. They want a never-ending stream flowing from the Third World right through our borders. However, the American people want law and order.

Jay Lorenz

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