Rise Above Debate: The Failures of Conservatism and Free Speech

In a paradigm where the left denies basic rights and privileges to its adversaries, it is time to go beyond compliant conservatism.

Rise Above Debate: The Failures of Conservatism and Free Speech

by Henry Wallace

Holding Right-wing beliefs in the Western political orthodoxy of post-modern liberalism is to label yourself a pariah. Individuals and groups within the ranks of nationalism and identitarianism are being swiftly de-platformed, doxed, or are being embroiled in trumped-up legal cases designed to intimidate dissent. A recent example is the “far-right organization” Identitäre Bewegung, which on May 31st 2018, was banned from Facebook and Instagram in both Austria & Germany, preventing the group from maintaining an online presence for their followers. In the past month we also saw AltRight.com get deleted by hosting service GoDaddy under intense legal pressure. Twitter has engaged in similar practices, including the covert tactic of “shadowbanning” people (meaning deliberately limiting the total amount of people that would potentially see their content) in order to curb influential right-wing voices.

The ‘California Cool’ Silicon Valley technocrats have cracked down and taken extended measures to prevent right-wing people from forming into cohesive collectives with clearly defined political motivations. Their intention is to fragment and atomise the political dissidents that pose an existential threat to their hegemony, of which the alt-right poses more fiercely than anyone else. While the alt-right currently occupies a transgressive and humourous presence on their platforms under the anonymity of Groypers and European iconography, there is no doubt that any external organisation of right-wing or pro-White voices will be shut down immediately with both the force of the state and multinational corporations. The alternative to silence is to engage in public demonstrations, opening up the possibility of being doxxed, rendering one’s life and career ruined. This proved fatal to Andrew Dodson when he took his own life on May 20 after being relentlessly shamed and attacked. His death was met with cheers by his political adversaries.

This mounting epidemic of de-platforming, doxing, and legal warfare is not merely limited to the “far-right.” This past month, reporter Tommy Robinson was arrested and jailed for reporting on Islamic paedophile gangs outside of a British courthouse. While there were extenuating circumstances relating to Robinson’s other legal matters, this was clearly a politically motivated arrest and a signal to those on the right: “Stop digging, stop persevering. You will be silenced.” Robinson’s populist Anti-Islam and neo-conservative leanings, which are deemed slightly more palatable to the establishment in political discourse, did not save him. For all of Robinson’s concessions to the establishment, the irony of dogmatic liberalism is that in its total advocation of freedom of speech and liberty for all, it denies it to those who steadfastly declare, “No.” This declaration is the essence of right-wing thought and the beginning of the red-pilling of the masses; of course it is in the interest of those who wield power to prevent this from happening.

Practicing Conservatism online in the advent of this overt aggression by the left now occupies a humiliated and truly cuckolded status. Acceptable conservatism now cannot assent to anything outside of the narrowly defined paradigms set by their opponents who occupy the real positions of authority vis-a-vis technological and legal means. This is clearly evident from the so-called “conservative” responses to the cancellation of Roseanne in light of the eponymous comedienne’s racial comments. Conservatives declare “hypocrisy” of late-night (((progressive))) comedians like Samantha Bee and Bill Maher for making similar off-colour jokes towards the Trump administration, naively pushing for fairness under the pretensions of morality. These people just do not get it. As the age-old maxim goes, “Conservatism is liberalism driving the speed limit.” The leftists who hold the dominant positions of political power have no reason to listen to you or indulge in your cowardly Classical Liberal delusions in “a fair debate.” Why should they concede their power when they wield it absolutely? People are by nature hypocritical, and those both on the left and the right are tired of talking past each other. They do not want common ground or understanding; they want to win and they want their views to be sovereign. If we are to learn and grow as a political force we must learn from the left and move beyond the rigidity of these imposed paradigms to truly challenge their power.

In this sense, it is clear that despite Donald Trump being the President of the United States, the right still lacks a sovereign authority in this new public sphere, which has become dominated by multinational corporations. This isn’t even to mention the suppression of executive authority by the judiciary and deep-state bureaucracy. What good is it to have a president who represents us, when we can face imprisonment and total destruction for simply stating our beliefs? Who ultimately wields real power then? If those in control of these platforms who malevolently attack us cannot be nationalised or declared utilities, then we must find new ways to combat them.

In moving forward, we have to be realistic and reject these liberal paradigms which only serve to inhibit our power of acting. We cannot impotently hope to convince that which cannot be reasoned with. This is the fundamental problem with events like ‘Day for Freedom’ pushed by what I refer to as the Petersonian crowd, those who believe freedom of speech should be the basis of all conservatism and that all matters can be settled with a calm debate. Subsequently, they parade around transgenders, homosexuals and based minorities in order to convince the left that they are not racist while completely alienating those who hold genuinely nationalist beliefs. Freedom from liberalism offers nothing other than maintaining the current political orthodoxy that seeks to destroy us. Furthermore, it concedes the post-modern left’s profane degeneracy as an exercise in freedom, revealing the absolute impotence of this ideology in pursuing politically defined goals. The Alt-Right must be smarter than this, starting with alt-tech development but also fostering a strong intellectual community with the goal of influencing people in positions of power. We should be creating real opportunities for interception, instead of relying on the system that let us down in the first place.

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