The Democrats’ Messy Midterm Strategy

The clueless Democrats are campaigning on open borders, public harassment of Republicans, and “how dare you” politics, turning off voters in the process.

The Democrats’ Messy Midterm Strategy

Although two months of beaches and babes await us, it’s kind of a shame this isn’t early November. Here’s a snippet from the Q&A session which the Democrats have unwittingly held with America:

Normie American: Why shouldn’t we have a border?
Democrats: How dare you!?!

Turning the 2018 midterms into a referendum on their primary policy objective is the last thing that should’ve been done. Trump’s 2016 victory ought to have been a lesson that open-border strategies must be enacted with a certain discretion. Just clog it up in the courts and keep it off the airwaves. Oh well, it’s way too late for that now. An increasingly unhinged media establishment has made the single most popular leg of Trump’s platform an inescapable part of the public dialogue. That’s not a great idea because primaries are showing that even long-esteemed Republicans who reject it are being tossed off the ship.

The MSM launched this blitz in an effort to change the narrative from international peace initiatives, American jobs, and the outrageous revelations emerging about the Russia hoax. The Democrats had to go along with it, and they did so with enthusiasm. After all, things were going well for about the first five minutes as everything erupted into furor over Nazis putting kids in dog cages. These people learn nothing.

Quickly, an Antifa member put out a target list of ICE agents, and senior members of the administration began getting severely harassed and thrown out of businesses. Cabinet secretaries are now being treated like Richard Spencer. The imbecile Maxine Waters launched harangues on national television calling for violence. Pieces are coming out about why Americans should disown family members who support Trump. Lots of people who consider themselves well-informed are reading columns by the Neocon Jew Max Boot in the Washington Post advocating for the deportation of Republicans. We’ve all seen how this stuff provokes reactions from normies. If there’s one lesson imparted by the current era, polarization helps Trump (and us).

Visibly nervous, both Schumer and Pelosi are trying to ratchet things down. That’ll be tough after all that’s been said. We could see serious leftist violence ensue. Recall the tragic shooting at the Republican congressional softball game. The climate of hate has already had deadly consequences. Voters generally get upset by that sort of bloodshed.

Baby Boomers still decide elections, and many of them are rather dismayed by the vitriol. Negating the rule of law is not likely a campaign promise that will gain much traction among that generation. What useful demographic is supposed to be swayed by this hysteria? If they were serious about getting high black turn out, then they’d be on TV right now promising free cell phones.

There must be strategists looking to change the conversation by summer’s end. However, in order for the Democrats to pivot away from this issue there needs to be something towards which to pivot. What exactly would that be? Let’s try out a few potential slogans: “We’re committed to helping American workers by opposing efforts to narrow the massive trade deficit.” Or, perhaps: “Instead of a peace deal, we should go to war with North Korea.” Well, there’s always: “Shut up and check your White privilege!” Hmm…none of this is advisable. It appears they’ve picked their hill to die on in November.

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