Time Magazine Lies: Girl on Cover was NOT Separated from Mother

Time Magazine Lies: Girl on Cover was NOT Separated from Mother

By now, every single person who has come within 50 feet of a television or a computer screen in the past 72 hours has seen the most recent Time Magazine cover:

The original image is of a 2 year old Honduran girl crying — probably because she’s tired, hungry, and scared from being dragged on a dangerous journey by her mother — as the big bad evil ICE agents take her mother away from her and to a detention center. At least that’s what the media and political establishment would have you believe. The only problem with this narrative is that journalists are too high on their own moral outrage to bother checking if this anecdote actually fits the spin they were trying to put on it.

According to the Daily Mail, little Yanela Hernandez was not in fact separated from her mother at all. In an interview, Denis Hernandez, the girl’s father, reveals that his wife had paid for herself and the girl to be trafficked by human smugglers across the border into the US and that, once detained, the two remained together. All of this was done, according to Denis, against his will. He was left with his other 3 children in Honduras where he works as a boat captain.

At the moment the picture was taken the mother was only a few feet away being searched for weapons, and they were reunited shortly after.

In addition to the whole sordid affair, the Daily Mail produces a wonderful description of how foreigners actually view our “asylum” system:

“Denis, who works as a captain at a port on the coast of Puerto Cortes, explained that things back home were fine but not great, and that his wife was seeking political asylum.”

Apparently not only does your claim for political asylum not have to have any political nature to it, but “fine but not great” is a sufficient excuse for these people to become leeches on our social and political infrastructure.

However, the proper target of our outrage should be the media and establishment figures who are so ready to use stories like this one as propaganda. They will do and say anything and everything to get you to capitulate to your own extinction. The Hernandez family and people like them are mere bullets in the war against you. If White Americans are to survive this onslaught we must direct our attention to those who are holding the gun.





Anthony Romano

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