Why Greece Needs The Junta Now More Than Ever

In order to save your nation, you must draw inspiration and courage from the past.

Why Greece Needs The Junta Now More Than Ever

Those of you that have been following the international scene for a while are well aware that Greece has been a flash-point for the ongoing 3rd World migrant crisis (invasion) into Europe. But, what many of you may not know is that Greece is on the verge of civil and societal collapse. 

Greece is literally on the front line; it borders Islamic Turkey which is the launching point of the ongoing Muslim invasion/conquest/colonization of Europe.

As we’ve previously discussed, Turkey is not only behind sending millions of Pakistanis, Iraqis, Afghanis, and Syrians into Europe, but has territorial ambitions on Greece and wishes to create a Neo-Ottoman Empire. 


With Italy’s new patriot coalition closing the border and vowing to send back at least half a million migrants, it appears one entrance into Europe has been closed (though the European Union will do whatever it can to keep the door in Italy open).

If Greece’s (and Europe’s) Eastern border can be closed as well, the Muslim invasion into Europe would be all but stopped (90+% enter from Italy and Greece).

Financial Crisis

Ever since the Greek financial crisis of 2009, the people of Greece have suffered severe austerity and hardship.

The financial crisis was triggered because Goldman Sachs ‘cooked the books’ for the Greek government and hid the true amount of debt Greece was actually in. This had to do with the European Union really wanting Greece in the Euro-zone, and, as the E.U. knew Greece couldn’t meet the requirements, it used Goldman Sachs via proxy to ensure Greece could enter it.

When a new government came into power in 2009, it was at that time the true amount of debt was revealed, which kicked off the whole crisis.

All of the austerity and cut backs the Greek people had to endure was to pay back big banks the loans they made to the Greek government that they knew Greece couldn’t pay back. Greece has never been a true economic powerhouse, and the multinational banks knew this of course.

The only reason they kept giving Greece more and more loans was because it was a way to put Greece in debt in order to gain power over the country and to acquire real assets, such as airports, ports, gold mines, oil, etc. 

It can even be said that without a financially enslaved Greece to Brussels, the Muslim migrant invasion of Europe may not have even been possible, as a stronger and more independent Greek government may simply have stopped the first boats.

Radical Left Takeover: 2015

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras standing behind a LARPing communist red background and antifa flags. Cringe.

Flash-forward to the 2015 Greek election, and you have a new government entering power: SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left). SYRIZA ran on ending the E.U. and German imposed austerity and on leaving the euro (currency) with hints at also leaving the European Union as a whole.

Of course, SYRIZA did as all leftist parties do, and not only went back on all of their campaign promises but actively did the opposite of them.

The party itself is nothing more than a champagne socialist/communist LARPing organization where its members pretend they are edgy, when in reality their positions are not much different from any multinational corporations H.R. policy. 

The Prime Minister Tsipras is also a pathetic figure. He grew up as a “Maoist Communist,” is an avowed atheist, did not marry in the Greek Orthodox church, and did not take the religious oath when he was sworn into office.

In Greece, being a religious and conservative nation, these are big ‘no-nos,’ and are just another example of how the Left completely spits in the face of our cultural and religious Christian beliefs. As we see throughout the West, the Left despises our history and culture and will go out of their way to discredit and attack it in any way they can.

Some of SYRIZA’s “proud” accomplishments:

• 2015: Pushed through bill granting citizenship to non-Greeks. 

These people have no right to be in Greece, let alone be given something that does not belong and cannot be given to them.

A classic Leftist tactic: import voters from the 3rd World in order to grow the voting base for the Left, also known as illegally displacing your own people in their own nation.

Greece is a nation for Greek people. This means that any Greece-First government that comes next can simply strip these non-Greeks of their ill gotten gains. But again, it’s not like the Left cares about our people or nations anyways, as we are all “racists” and “White Supremacists.”

• 2015-Present: Allowed millions of Muslims to illegally enter Greece and Europe

While not all of the blame can be laid at SYRIZA itself as the European Union under Merkel was a major pusher of allowing the Muslim migrants into Europe, SYRIZA did not even vocally resist but has been actively encouraging illegal migration into Greece.

These Muslims, mostly military aged men not from Syria but from Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, have caused major crime spikes throughout the country. Greece was once known as one of the safest countries in the world, because of its high homogeneity (98%+ Greek and Greek Orthodox), but now that the country has been ‘culturally enriched,’ this safety and has been stolen from the people.

Of course, the Fake News media in Greece does not report on these crimes but keeps on trying to push a false narrative about a non-existent “Neo-Nazi” and “Fascist” threat instead.

• 2018: Forced through a so-called “Gender Bill” for 15 year olds

As in other parts of the Western World, the Left is obsessed with pushing gay sex and gender confusion in order to further divide our people and harm our families and especially our children.

With Greece in a massive economic depression and with Muslims flooding into the nation, SYRIZA decided to prioritize granting 15 year olds the ability to “choose” which gender they think they are.

• 2015-Present: Sold off Major Assets such as ports and other state-owned companies

So much for the Left looking after “the worker.” SYRIZA sold off Greece’s largest port to the Chinese, and anyone that knows how the Chinese operate knows that the Greeks working at these ports will now work longer hours for less pay and in worse conditions (that is, if China simply doesn’t import all the workers they need from China itself).

• 2018: Symbolically Hands Greece over to Muslim kid

There was a fake attack on this kid’s house set up by the Left and blamed on “Nazis,” and 24 hours later this illegal Muslim kid was flown in to Athens to meet Tsipras.

It was there that Tsipras decided to hand over the Greek flag; a flag that represents a people that had to fight a bloody revolutionary war of freedom against the Muslims in order to free themselves from 400 years of Islamic enslavement, over to a Muslim and his head-scarfed mother. 

• 2015-Present: Antifa, Communists, and Anarchist violence operates freely and openly in Greece under SYRIZA

Many of us already know that Antifa and other violent Leftist organizations are given a free hand in many Western nations, but it isn’t anywhere as bad as it in in Greece.

Leftist Anarchists have attacked not only large multinational buildings and property but have attacked and raided Greek government buildings as well. They are free to use university campuses as meeting places, as police have severe restrictions in order to legally enter a university’s property.

If you go to any Greek city, you will see their filthy graffiti on all of the buildings all over the place. They attack any proud Greek patriots by calling them “fascists” and “Nazis” and face no repercussions for their violent and unprotected actions.

Greece and the Greek people cannot go forward like this.

The economy under SYRIZA has gotten even worse than during the crisis, Muslims are invading Greece, and communists are running wild across the nation.

The people need to look to their past in order to find the strength and courage it’s going to take to fix this problem.

What Needs To Be Done: Return To The Past

Rebirth of Greatness: Rebirth of the Nation

In 1967, during a period of a Greek Constitutional crisis and vast Communist subversion across the government and cultural institutions, the Greek military under Georgios Papadopoulos initiated a coup and took control of the Greek government.

Those high up in the military such as Papadopoulos recognized the truth: there was vast communist infiltration throughout Greek academia, the press, the bureaucracy, and even inside the military itself. In order to save the Greek state and nation, those in the military took control themselves in order to protect and save the Greek nation.

With law and order now restored, this ‘regime of the colonels’ now in charge not only created stability throughout the nation but with it turned Greece into one of the fastest growing economies at the time.


Via the World Bank. Who would have thought removing those purposely subverting your nation and establishing a “Your Nation and People First” policy would accelerate economic growth? (Note: the junta’s rule ended in 1974)

During the rule of the junta, one of the main ideological pursuits and slogans was Ελλάς Ελλήνων Χριστιανών (Greece of Greek Christians). Basically, Greece for the Greek Christians. 

This new regime recognized that Greece was a nation for the Greek Orthodox Christian people, and that this should always be the main deciding factor in regards to how to structure the nation.

The importance of the Orthodox church was made known by the Junta, and the fertility rate was still at a healthy number above the replacement level. Crime was virtually non-existent and there weren’t any illegal Muslim migrants invading Greece at the time (this would never have been allowed). 

Contrast this to Greece’s current “democracy,” and we can see why this type of democracy means nothing unless it benefits those that are actually in charge. Those at the top can use democracy as a tool in order to get what they want, without having to do anything for the people they are actually supposed to be representing. 

Leftist and Communist subversion in Greece lead directly to this. Note that it’s always called a Communist “Conspiracy” to discredit that it’s actually a real thing.

At this point in time in 2018, the radical leftist party of SYRIZA has proven itself to be openly working against the Greek people. 

A brave patriot and member of the Greek Parliament, Constantinos Barbarousis, recently made this comment in a speech during a Parliamentary session:

“I call on the country’s military leadership to respect its oath: to arrest Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, [Defence Minister] Panos Kammenos, and President Prokopis Pavlopoulos in order to prevent this treason.”

After this speech, Mr. Barbarousis was expelled from Parliament, and falsely charged with “treason” by the very party that is actively destroying the Greek nation: SYRIZA.

The Truth Going Forward

Ask anyone that was alive during the junta, and they would tell you that Greece during 1967-1974 was very stable and a very safe place to be. 

If you were actually pro-Greek and cared about your people, and not an anti-Greek Communist subverter of the nation, your quality of life only got better under the junta.

Classic Leftist Propaganda: “Everyone I don’t like is Hitler/Nazi/Fascist!”

A government that prioritizes putting its own people first, as well as safety and stability, is always preferable to a fake “democracy” of Open Borders, Islamic invasion, and Communist anarcho-tyranny in the streets.

With how badly SYRIZA has failed Greece and the Greek people, I can only hope that they have learned their lesson of just how bad these Communist and leftist parties truly are.

In a world of ever increasing illegal migration, lower native Greek (and European) birth rates, we need now more than ever to prioritize and put our own people first, as the junta did 40 years ago.

Just remember: they will always call you a “Nazi” and “Fascist” if you oppose their crazy Open Borders scheme and other Communist/Leftist programs.

The Greek military junta, though it saved the Greek nation and put its own people first, is still referred to as a “Neo-Nazi” and “Fascist” regime by the Left and Fakes News to this day.

That is why we must always remember: we are on the side of truth, and we are truly on the side of our people. Their whining, name-calling, and attempts at shaming/guilting us can never make us forget that. 

We must always go forward, while at the same time drawing strength and wisdom from the past. 

At the end of the day, we either win back our nations or we lose it all.

What’s it gonna be?


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