France Wins World Cup with Team of African Invaders

Winning at sports does not matter. What matters is winning against a foreign invasion.

France Wins World Cup with Team of African Invaders

So, France won the World Cup. Who cares? We’re living in an age of existential struggle. The very question of whether Western Civilization will survive or not is totally up in the air at this point. In such an era, the inclination to pay even the slightest regard to a sportsball game is unhelpful. Unfortunately, we all know people who’d literally riot if their team wins a sporting contest of no importance to their lives whatsoever. The J-Left is attempting to harness this misdirected emotion in order to promote flooding Europe with the refuse of Africa. CNN is even branding it “a victory for immigrants everywhere.” Open your borders wide Goy! Don’t YOU want to win?

Winning at sportsball doesn’t matter to the life and progress of a nation. What matters is winning against a foreign invasion. Here’s an example: the Battle of Tours on October 10th, 732. On that fateful day, an Arab horde raping and pillaging its way into the heart of modern-day France was smashed by a Frankish force under Charles Martel. Without that decisive Frankish victory, the country we know today as France probably wouldn’t exist.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, and the descendants of the Franks are cheering on their Afro-Islamic soccer teams all the way to the grave. The Muslims didn’t forget that defeat, which they call The Battle of the Palace of The Martyrs. Just because they failed at conquering the area for themselves and imposing Islam back then doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished in the future. They’re making big progress already. A large mosque named “Paved with Martyrs” is nearing completion on the very same ground where their wretched ancestors were vanquished. Of course, the project received enthusiastic support from government officials, including the local mayor. It’s hard to think of better symbolism for the suicidal insanity of France.

At this late stage, I wouldn’t touch Paris again with a ten-foot pole. It’s not that it lacks beautiful architecture or tremendous food. I could still go and browse great exhibits for hours in the Louvre. But it’s impossible to admire a structure like the Eiffel Tower without noticing the enormous barrier now placed around it to deter a terrorist attack. It’s a garish reminder that the country itself is in terminal decline. Paris is packed with stuff like that these days. Quite frankly, it’s depressing.

When you stroll around your city and observe filthy encampments of African migrants, mosques, teams of soldiers patrolling with automatic weapons, and then notice that you’re basically a stranger in your own country, shouldn’t that be abundant cause for alarm? Scenes like these are harbingers of much worse to come. You don’t need to be a historian to take a quick look around and see that the situation is deteriorating rapidly. That ought to temper the enjoyment the average Frenchman gets out of watching a bunch of brown people play a stupid soccer game. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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