From Europe to Africa

If Europe “shares its destiny” with Africa, as Emmanuel Macron said, then it is doomed.

From Europe to Africa

Here on the Alt-Right, a big part of what we do is simply trying to reassert common sense in order to prevent completely preventable tragedies. Metaphorically speaking, it feels like you’re standing next to drunk guy and a downed power line, pleading with him not to grab it. Unfortunately, this moron is still going to grab it despite your admonitions. After the gruesome electrocution you sought to avert, would “I told you so!” feel great? Probably not. We have empathy and, most importantly, we’re not nihilists.

This simplistic metaphor applies to many facets of Western Civilization’s implosion, such as the ongoing non-White invasion of the European continent. We’ve staunchly advocated against flooding the place with Africans, but to little avail thus far. That’s been a very bad for Europe, yet the consequences bring zero satisfaction. To illustrate, here are a couple of particularly appalling examples at the individual level:

A 29-year old Dutch engineer living in Britain was dating a 48-year old South African woman (HIV-positive and convicted of benefits fraud — shocking!!!). Once the relationship hit the rocks, she reached closure by MELTING HIS FACE OFF WITH SULPHURIC ACID. Apparently, his pain was so intense that neighbors thought his shrieks were a fox fight until they came out a saw that his face looked like it had been “dipped in clay.” After 15 months in anguish, he traveled to Belgium for assisted suicide. At the trial, she justified her actions because “racist.”

A German woman managed to make it further along in her African love saga, having 2 children with an illegal immigrant from Niger. After it came to an end, her colored Lothario became angry over a custody dispute. He handled the situation in accordance with Africa’s renowned pacifism, by STABBING HER TO DEATH AND DECAPTITATING THEIR ONE-YEAR-OLD CHILD in front of a crowd in a train station.

There’s a blue collar American maxim: “If you burn the coal, you pay the toll.” Sure, it’s crude, but the wisdom it conveys is hard to dispute. The greater the extent to which you involve a noble person of color your personal life, the higher your risk profile becomes. Adherence to such a simple principle could have done both of these individuals a world of good. Had they simply followed the conventional wisdom of millennia and stuck with their own kind, they’d both probably still be alive today to call us vile racists.

Obviously, some folks lack critical thinking skills. That’s why their governments are supposed provide them with a modicum of protection from themselves. In these two cases, that would mean simply maintaining a border. Had their governments not consented an invasion by demographics with well-established track records for violence and dysfunction, none of this suffering would have occurred.

Ultimately, the tragic murders of these two Europeans serve as a cautionary metaphors for the continent as a whole. Europe has surrendered itself to the 3rd World, while Western charity and economics have facilitated an impending Malthusian Crisis in Africa. If the situation isn’t rectified fast, things will end in a terminal calamity as wild population growth to the south overwhelms Europe.

When the EU invites boatloads of invaders from Africa, what they’re importing is rape, murder, mayhem, fiscal insolvency, and finally, a general societal collapse. If they keep doing this, sure as gravity, that’s what will happen. At the current rate, it won’t take long. As French President Macron put it: Europe is entering age of “unprecedented” mass migration, so it “shares its destiny” with Africa. That’s precisely the catastrophe that needs to be averted.

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