ICE Sweeps 132 Illegal Aliens in D.C. Operation

ICE Sweeps 132 Illegal Aliens in D.C. Operation

In an illegal alien crackdown named “Operation Eagle’s Shield,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrested 132 invaders in the Washington D.C. area from July 9-20, the agency announced Tuesday. Those arrested included a high ranking MS-13 gang member, two convicted child rapists, and many more serious criminals.

Describing the operation, Russell Hott, director of ICE’s Washington deportation field office, said, “We set out to locate and detain known, dangerous criminal aliens who are hiding and operating in the neighborhoods we call home. Today’s announcement is the result of the absolutely essential work our ICE officers perform to identify the worst of the worst and ensure they have no refuge here.”

37 of the aliens will face criminal charges, while the rest will be put into deportation proceedings, with many of them eligible to be deported immediately. Though ICE did a great job rounding up the aliens, the success is somewhat hampered by the overly legalistic American system. Deportation proceedings only delay the delivery of justice to people who are illegally in this country. There is no reason to give illegal aliens due process, as that is a right meant only for American citizens.

Another concerning aspect is the diversity of the aliens. Per the ICE report, those arrested included nationals from 13 countries: Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Fiji, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Philippines, South Africa and Sudan. Out of just a small selection of people in one city, 13 countries are represented, many of them among the poorest and most violent places in the world. The reality is, all of our cities are teaming with the refuse of the entire world. A great deal more sweeping needs to be done across the country.

Jay Lorenz

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