Illegal Alien Journalist Arrested by ICE

Illegal alien Manuel Duran was arrested by ICE earlier this year, not for breaking the law he claims, but beacuse of his work.

Illegal Alien Journalist Arrested by ICE

42-year-old journalist Manuel Duran was in April this year while covering a protest in Memphis, Tennesse. The Memphis police charged him with disorderly conduct and obstructing a passageway. The police told him to get out of the road, and when he didn’t, they arrested him and found no U.S. identification papers. His charges were dropped, and he was then transferred to ICE. Since then he has been issued a stay of deportation by the ICE Board of Appeals.

Bryan D. Cox, a spokesman for ICE, said the appeals board had issued a stay of deportation but that it doesn’t address the underlying immigration case. “Legally, there has been no change,” Cox said.

The story resurfaced after Duran recently spoke to the Daily Beast, which published a report saying that Duran was “targeted for his work.”

Duran’s legal team has stated he came to the United States after receiving death threats related to his reporting on corruption in El Salvador. During his time in the U.S. Duran reported on the police and their conduct around Memphis, covering everything from police shootings, police misconduct incidents, and the local police department’s relationship with ICE. Duran seems to think he was targeted by the Police for his reporting. But even if that is true, why should it matter? Not only did he break our laws by coming here illegally, and then trying to get asylum, he was dumb enough to not listen to police at a protest and broke the law again, leading to this whole incident.

Jeremy Jong, a (((Southern Poverty Law Center))) attorney representing Duran, also has stated that he believes Duran was harassed and arrested because of the “embarrassing” stories he was writing on the police department.

The sad thing is, this whole thing could’ve been avoided had our previous leaders actually done something about illegal invaders. Duran was actually picked up in 2006 in Texas, fingerprinted, and then let go—not given over to ICE, not immediately brought back over the border. Of course, he missed his Court date in 2007 in Atlanta, and his lawyers have argued he didn’t get the notice to come to court that day.

Naturally, the left is using this story as ammunition as they dive deeper, and deeper left. People like Jong, the SPLC attorney, even spread the “evil” ICE nonsense. “ICE is targeting people who speak against them,” Jong told the outlet, “We see cases from all over the country where activists who speak out against ICE are being arrested.”

NPR reported earlier this year stating that at least 20 immigrant activists were arrested on immigration charges at that time. It’s time to show the left what law is, and that all people, not just Whites, have to follow it.

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