Jim Jordan Gets the Perkins Coie Treatment

The fix for the fix for the fix was in. Or was it?

Jim Jordan Gets the Perkins Coie Treatment

Yep, you’ve got that right. Perkins Coie, the same law firm paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to hire Fusion GPS to manufacture the Trump dossier, has now been tasked with following up on the investigation of a 3 decade old alleged sex abuse case at Ohio State University that seemingly involves everyone but Congressman Jim Jordan. Of course, we have no idea who is funding this effort (yet), but we could venture a few obvious guesses.

And yet it is Jim Jordan, an honorable man with unimpeachable character, who has to navigate this obvious and conveniently timed smear, and somehow now prove that he didn’t have any knowledge of these alleged sexual activities. Degenerate and unwholesome as they may be, these activities were alleged to have occurred between college wrestling students and the late Richard Strauss (Strauss committed suicide in 2005), the OSU wrestling team’s doctor – all adult men well over the age of consent.

Jim Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at OSU from 86-94 during the time in which these activities took place. The question at hand now, 3 decades later, after having announced his interest in being Speaker of the House and after grilling Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a joint House hearing last week, is what did Jim Jordan know and when did he know it?

Jordan will play a central role in hearings next week in which Peter Strzok will be questioned. Among untold thousands of other things, Rosenstein has been running cover for Strzok and his personal relationship with one of the FISA judges.

According to a report by the Daily Caller, the two most prominent accusers are fraught with their own criminal issues: Fraudulent business dealings, harassment, an 18 month prison stint for a $1.8 million ponzi scheme. Star witnesses.

The first, a one Mike DiSabato, raised money for fallen vets and instead used the money to finance a mixed martial arts venture for himself. He was also sued for defamation after falsely accusing a sports agent of being racist and sexist.

The second guy, Dunyasha Yetts, served 18 months in prison for a fraud scheme in which he took investors money and spent it on country club memberships, cars, and paying off his OSU student loans. Yetts fabricated fake financial documents as part of the scheme. Yetts also filed a lawsuit claiming he wasn’t promoted at some shit job because…wait for it…he’s black. Riight.

DiSabato has accused Jordan of being a “coward,” while Yetts has said Jordan was either a “liar” or was actively taking part in the cover-up.

Now the firm that manufactured “evidence” out of thin air from which to launch a counter-intelligence investigation into Trump’s campaign has now been hired to create a scandal to smear one the guys most effective and aggressive at investigating their repeated failed attempts to fix the 2016 election and now attack a sitting president.

A one T. Markus Funk is heading up the Coie “investigation” into the OSU “scandal” worked at DOJ under Patrick Fitzgerald, the same Patrick Fitzgerald James Comey hired to represent him after he ditched his law professor/co-conspirator. Fitzgerald is not only Comey’s attorney, he’s the Godfather of one of his kids – one of his best friends.

Funk also received an award from then FBI Director Robert Mueller:

Perkins Coie also represents Barack Obama and several other members of congress, all of whom are Democrats.

All of this, of course, is intended to have a chilling effect on the ongoing investigation into FBI corruption – a warning to anyone who steps out of line and asks too many questions. As they say, when you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.

For such a sought-after A-list firm, their efforts to pillory Jordan have been Gloria Allred-tier. Though come to think of it, the piss dossier wasn’t all that great either. Trump is president and their fixers are now being showered with firing, subpoenas, and congressional inquires. With Jordan’s resolve to persevere and fight back – a rare quality in today’s Republican party – I expect this hit job to conclude with a similarly anti-climatic outcome.

Jazzhands McFeels

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