Poll: Young White Voters Shifting Right 

Poll: Young White Voters Shifting Right 

A Reuters/Ipsos poll of 16,000 likely voters aged 18-34 found waning support for Democrats. The poll showed a 9 point decrease (55% to 46%) in support from 2016 to 2018.

That’s good news, but it gets more interesting when broken down along racial lines. Young Whites went from 33% support for Republicans in 2016 to 39% in 2018. Even more promising, White men went from 36% to 46%, a staggerig 10% increase in just two years.

There was a corresponding, and even slightly greater, loss in support for Democrats. Young Whites’ support for Democrats went from 47% to 39% overall and 48% to 37% among men.

It turns out that Democrat platform of anti-Whiteness and open borders is not a winner among young Whites. Young Whites are also more apt to switch parties based on changes within the party or changes in their own opinions, and most do not feel tied to any party, unlike many older voters who still vote for the same party they did decades ago more out of habit than anything. 

That the decrease in support for Democrats is slightly greater than the increase in support for Republicans is likely due to the ineptitude of much of the Republican legislature. Young Whites are tired of the corrupt two party system. Although they are running from the anti-White, open borders Democrats, many still end up as independents because they see the corruption of the Republicans, and that they are beholden to special interests and big corporations instead of their voters.

Can you imagine the numbers if more Republicans actually worked in the interest of their voters?

This polling should put to rest the notion that that the majority of young Whites are drastically different from their parents and grandparents in their views on immigration and multiculturalism. In fact, young Whites, especially men, are sick and tired of multiculturalism, mass immigration, and the anti-White media and academic establishment. 

As the Democrats shift further left and the Republicans shift right, these numbers will only grow. We are only seeing the beginning of the racialization of American politics. 

Jay Lorenz

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