The Elite Won’t Give Peace a Chance

The closer President Trump gets to peace and cooperation with Russia, the more hostile the globalist elite gets.

The Elite Won’t Give Peace a Chance

As expected the establishment political machine as well as the mainstream media predictably labeled the historic Helsinki summit between the two most powerful men in the world as a failure. The only real failure was on the part of the Western political establishment to stop the Helsinki summit and as such they shall lament this for weeks and perhaps years. The uniparty in Washington now even considers holding some kind of “hearings” to respond to the display of common sense at the Helsinki summit. It should come as no surprise that actually seeking a peaceful relationship with Russia and cooperating with Russia on a number of issues may halt the start of a second cold war. The Western political establishment and their backers do not want a peaceful relationship with Russia. Any attempt to make peace with Russia will never be accepted by the globalist elites. Since the end of the cold war, Western elites have sought to control and subvert Russia and turn it into another satrap of the globalist empire. Establishing peace and mutual respect with Russia thwarts the globalist plan.

The constant haranguing of President Trump, the Russian Federation, and President Putin is proof enough that the elite want both Trump and Putin out. They probably never thought that a sitting US president would attempt to work with Russia as an ally. President Trump seems willing to accept a world with other powers such as Russia. The establishment of a multi-polar world rather than a unipolar globalist, plutocratic, Western world order is the greatest fear of many powerful members of the Western elite class. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Western elites spiked the football, and now the perceived victory and total domination of Western liberal “democracy” over the entire world is slipping away from their grasp. The sharing of power on the world stage is anathema to the globalists.

Perhaps the most unforeseen and decisive move that came out of the Helsinki summit was President Putin’s offer to work with American authorities regarding the ongoing investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Essentially President Putin threw down the gauntlet and called a bluff. One can rest assured that Robert Mueller does not actually want to go through a legal discovery process regarding the 12 Russian nationals whom he indicted. Many Americans will never accept the notion that the Russiagate conspiracy is anything more than an attempted justification for a soft coup against a lawfully elected President. Watching the Russiagate house of cards tumble provides much entertainment. The Russia conspiracy will likely be used as justification for an unending investigation.

Presently President Trump occupies a dangerous position on the political chessboard both at home and abroad. There is no doubt that the Western political elites want Trump gone and they will use any option that they believe is viable to accomplish this goal. The elites have been beaten and embarrassed several times recently. Since 2016, nationalism has produced Brexit, Trump, a surging AfD in Germany, a nationalist coalition government in Italy, in addition to other promising developments. Furthermore, the Western political elite is running out of options and they may resort to extreme measures to regain the initiative. There simply is no way to predict what may come next. However, much of what will happen depends on the outcome of upcoming elections in both the US and Europe. Huge political victories have been won by nationalists over globalists in both Europe and the US recently and the Helsinki summit was another nationalist victory for President Trump regardless of what the media propagandists say. The events that took place at the summit will force the elites to either make a drastic move or to hope that the public forgets about President Putin’s offer to Mr. Mueller over the next few weeks.

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