Trump Attacks Koch Brothers, Globalist GOP Establishment

Trump Attacks Koch Brothers, Globalist GOP Establishment

On Tuesday, President Trump took a swipe at one of the key cogs in the globalist faction of the Republican Party. In two tweets, Trump attacked the open borders, anti-America first trade Koch brothers who head the influential Americans for Prosperity group:

The supposedly conservative group is just a front for globalist control of the Republican Party. They pledged to spend up to $400 million to help Republicans in the midterms, but they will only spend it on candidates who toe the GOP establishment line of mass immigration and so-called free trade which has decimated American manufacturing, not the new wave of Republicans who support the Trump agenda of strong borders and America first trade policies.

The political animosity between the Kochs and Trump began when they refused to endorse his presidential candidacy. Their differences again came to the forefront when the Kochs recently refused to back Kevin Cramer, the GOP candidate for the North Dakota Senate race, due to his stances on trade, immigration, and spending. This was the apparent impetus for Trump’s Twitter burst.

This episode reflects the larger clash between Trump and the Republican globalists who he has been dueling with since the beginning of his candidacy. Many in the GOP establishment are backed strongly by Koch money, including Trump adversaries Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Trump’s attack on the Kochs is also a message to the Republicans whom they fund—the backbone of the anti-Trump wing of the GOP.

Despite their money and the influence they have wielded in the past, the Kochs are now struggling to exert influence on the Republican Party, as their agenda simply isn’t popular. Now that there is an alternative to the GOP establishment and its globalist donors, voters are shunning them for Trumpist candidates. It is no longer going to be possible for the Kochs to simply buy elections. To millions of voters, the president’s word means far more than anything the Kochs can do. Now that his sights are trained on them, it could mean the end of their considerable control over the Republican Party. 

Jay Lorenz

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