Big Tech Censored Alex Jones—Could President Trump be Next?

Big Tech Censored Alex Jones—Could President Trump be Next?

It is my contention that the comprehensive de-platforming of Alex Jones is a model for what will likely happen to President Trump’s Twitter account prior to the 2020 election cycle. Here are some things to consider:

1) The MSM backs this initiative 100%. Each outlet is using whatever justification they think is best, from libertarian economics to human rights.

2) There’s been an outpouring of relief and celebration from the Left. Trump Derangement Syndrome has overheated their brains to the point where they’d support any measure that could turn the tide, no matter how draconian.

3) Establishment Republicans will do nothing because the taxpayer-subsidized tech oligarchy built on public infrastructure is “the free market.”

Getting Trump off Twitter is a matter of political necessity. The broader Western Establishment has been dealing with him as an adversary for around 3 years now. All of the hysteria, propaganda, and manufactured scandals have failed to halt him. They understand that a new approach is required. Delegitimizing Trump through the Russia hoax and then finding a way to filter him is the best option because impeachment would trigger widespread civil unrest at a minimum. Despite what they say to keep the rubes energized, removing him is simply not a viable solution.

If Trump gets kicked off Twitter, the game could change dramatically. The media would then be able to take a new approach to their coverage in order to re-intermediate the President. The WaPo’s Jennifer (((Rubin))) has laid out how that could work:

“’We don’t have to put it [the press briefing] on television, we don’t have to put it on television live,’” Rubin suggested on Sunday. ‘If by some chance she utters some morsel of accurate information it could be fact-checked and related to the audience. The same thing with the rallies — no reason to put them on live television.'”

The degree to which this would be effective is uncertain. It would enhance his popularity on the Right, and the Left couldn’t possibly hate him more than they do already. But, an independent Boomer who casts swing votes might be stuck trying to form an opinion on his progress from what they’re fed by the MSM. If Trump had to get his point directly across through posts on White, that would certainly be a disadvantage. Unless the economy crashes out of the blue before 2020, this is the kind of tactic to which his enemies will have to resort.

What mendacious rationale will be cited? “He’s threatening the lives of journalists,” “Twitter has a responsibility not to broadcast lies,” “This isn’t a platform for hate,” “It’s vital that we protect our Democracy from Russian interference.” Those are the top four, so expect to hear all of them spit out in some flavor.

When would that happen? All that’s really needed is a tweet to point at and say: “No more! An ethical company cannot serve as platform for lies and hate to incite violence.” So basically, it could be any day. But, the most likely time would be after the midterms don’t result in a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives. At that point, delusions of momentum will be cured, and the fear of 2020 will be palpable. Until then, it’s unlikely they would try something so extremely provocative.

In the aftermath of 2016, there’s been a realization by the Establishment that a free internet is a invaluable tool for political dissent and debate on what it considers taboo subjects. Without it, Trump would never had been elected and there wouldn’t be a shift to the right going on across Europe. The response has been censorship because its the only effective tool for combating facts about reality.

For instance, back in March Google launched a $300 million “News Initiative” in partnership with rags like the New York Times in order to thwart independent media. More ominous is a white paper recently leaked from Senator Mark Warner’s office. His proposals are designed to wipe anonymity and dissent off the internet, justified by citing canards like safeguarding privacy and protecting our democracy from Russia.

Banning Trump would be a disaster for Twitter. Silencing debate is a terrible business decision for a platform that’s never been able to make a profit, and yet it consistently removes or shadow bans wrongthink accounts. Jack Dorsey clearly can’t resist the pressure to kill off his own company. He’s not alone. Crowdpac, a campaign fundraising site, banned all Republican candidates from its platform in May.

Sure, a move like this will eventually blow up in their faces. But when has that ever stopped them? Keep in mind that there’s a psychological element to what’s going on here. As entertaining as we find Trump tweets, the Left finds them exponentially more infuriating. Trump salt is the most painful type of salt to rub on a wound.

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