Cash and Connections No Longer Buy Compliance in Trump’s GOP

Cash and Connections No Longer Buy Compliance in Trump’s GOP

by Jeb Sanderson

The successes of nationalism continue to cascade throughout the political zeitgeist. ANTIFA is now attacking conservative Christians at events without any alt-right foes to kick around, which is sending many normies down the slippery slope from libertarian conservatism to race-conscious identitarianism. An enjoyable whitepill comes from the comments section of Reason Magazine where the big money can no longer smooth over growing tensions.

Libertarians, as usual, are infighting, but it’s a little different this time. A clear majority of the readers have identified Trump as delivering on many of his promises, including sovereignty, taxes, regulation, immigration, and foreign policy. Many are willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt on other issues. Other libertarian voices (i.e. the bugmen who only want the state to legitimize their dope or degenerate sexual habits) have been forced to show their true leftist colors in opposing Drumpf and all he stands for. To do otherwise, after all, is the equivalent of being a real-life Nazi sympathizer. The alt-right has drawn a line in the sand, forcing libertarians to make a choice outside of the bounds of their dogmatic beliefs. It certainly drives libertarians insane that the alt-right is driving every conversation within what’s left of their listless movement.

Look and laugh as the feminist editors of Reason Magazine get BTFO’d by ordinary commenters, who outnumber the sycophants roughly 10-to-1. It’s impossible to even keep together a functioning libertard echo chamber these days.

The rabble has gone off the reservation! They see Trump achieving results, and lip service from leather jacket-clad wannabes and measly ivory tower whiners no longer passes muster. The consternation from readers begs the following questions: why is Reason making these posts that are clearly offending the majority of its readership? How can it stay afloat with a business model of angering its own base? It is because Reason Magazine, which claims to uphold the so-called ‘free market,’ is either not a market-based organization, or they are not prepared to support America standing up for its own interests in the global market (read: they’re cucks). It is bankrolled by oligarchs pushing the usual agenda of globalism, crony trade deals, open borders and corporatism.

The infamous Koch Brothers, who were put on blast for supporting Democratic politicians by President Trump, bankroll Reason and much of the pro-‘free market’ right-wing. The Kochs had a bigger problem with Ron Paul than they did the neoconservatives. Their idea of a libertarian standard bearer is cosmopolitan pro-sodomy former Massachusetts Governor William Weld. If it seems like Reason is trending sharply to the left, it is not just you: this is part of a deliberate leftward shift of all Koch-affiliated organs. Because Trump galvanized the political right by giving the people the leader they have yearned for, the Kochs can no longer wave the GOP flag with pride. The supposed libertarian Koch Brothers were happy to be partisan right for the last three decades, but that is no longer acceptable with Trump in charge. What does that tell you about their priorities?

Although the Kochs were very successful in co-opting the tea party—a movement that was not as explicitly pro-America as Trumpism—into espousing doctrinare establishment views on economics, they are not able to do so with the Trumpists because Trump doesn’t care about the think-tank consensus. He doesn’t rely on CATO or Heritage to do his thinking for him like Paul Ryan tends to do. Trump wants what is best for Americans. He is a pragmatist, and a slavish devotion to the “free market” and a bunch of goofy esoteric principles doesn’t prevent him from winning. Whereas most GOP hacks undergo a morally worthless myriad of grassroots trainings from the Leadership Institute and other organizations to indoctrinate them into the program, Trump was busy rocking boardrooms and grabbing pussies during the days of his youth. By his early 30s, he was already a tycoon and a burgeoning national star, not the soy-pumped, paper-pushing dweeb that the Kochs love as an underling.

Trump’s knowledge of the markets is far superior to what the swamp gives to us. This is not because he is some kind of an economic genius, but it is because he shoots from the hip and is his own master. The “free market” think-tanks of Washington D.C. conveniently omit information about massive tariffs that are applied to goods coming out of America. They understand these policies, but are not allowed to share them because doing so would contravene their orders. These propaganda writers do not care about how American manufacturers are punished by globalist trade deals, because the men who sign their paychecks are cronies who benefit from the status quo in trade. Some shabbily-made trinkets from a third-world shithole crafted by exploited child slaves and mind-numbing pills are meant to replace the fulfillment of hard-work, a family, a job, a functioning community, a wholesome culture, and everything else that has been raped by globalism. That’s Koch-brand libertarianism in a nutshell.

Reason Magazine is failing to uphold their basic free market economic talking points because they are desperate to oppose Trump. The Americans for Prosperity, an organization that sucked up tea party resources throughout that era with little to show for it, now refuse to support Republican legislators who can actually win against Democrats. Top Reason editors dox little boys who make silly social media jokes while CATO affiliates organize leftist mobs to harass anarcho-capitalist authors so they can’t put food on their family’s table. We truly owe Trump a great debt of gratitude. It is because of his rise that these frauds were forced to show their own colors, which in turn dumped rocket fuel on the White nationalist movement. So many poor souls would be still caught in their web who have now been liberated to the truth about race and culture, rather than cherry-picked economic facts mixed with corporate propaganda.

The Koch brothers and all who receive their blood money are co-conspirators in the planned takedown of America underway right now. All of this disgusting behavior: #MeToo, the Big Brother crackdown on social media, demonizing anyone to the right of John McCain as a Nazi, the lionization of ANTIFA communists, the normalization of terrorism against White men, the neo-McCarthyist hysteria regarding Russia, and so on, was going to happen regardless of who won in 2016. If Hillary Clinton was elected, the misery would be inflicted upon us by a transpartisan consensus backed by numerous public-private partnerships. Because we made history, Trumpism has demonstrated that the system is artificial, unpopular and rotten to its core. It has also shown there is not a dollar’s worth of difference between a degenerate Soros-funded communist lowlife of the Left and a dope-pushing Koch creep of the Right.

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