Conservative Inc. Tells J-Left “Don’t Make the White Kids Angry”

When the New York Times put a White exterminationist on its editorial board, Conservatives were more worried about keeping a lid on White identity than defending their base.

Conservative Inc. Tells J-Left “Don’t Make the White Kids Angry”

by Russian Colluder

Conservative Inc. offered at most mild criticism of the New York Times for its hiring of anti-White racist Sarah Jeong as the newest member of its editorial board. Conservative thought leaders wrote with great passion that Ms. Jeong should not be fired. They reminded us of free speech and of the precedent set when companies give into online mobs. They railed about “our values,” and finally, they reminded White people that we have to take the high road, never stooping to their level. John Podhoretz encapsulated this idea when he tweeted, “For the sake of your future career delete all your tweets.” His tweet sums up the position of Cuckservative, Inc. rather succinctly: “Surrender and beg for mercy, White man.”

What should be obvious to most is that Mr. Podhoretz’s advice is only applicable to White people. The neoliberal civic religion of our time does not view anti-White rhetoric, including calls for the extermination of White people, as a deal breaker for employment. This flagrant double standard became the norm during the last half century in which Cuckservatives like Podhoretz allowed the left to run wild, gaining control of our educational system, most government institutions, our courts, and culture in general.

Ben Shapiro Finds Jesus! Tells White Americans to Turn Other Cheek!

Shapiro, just like his fellow Cuckservatives, insisted Jeong’s tweets were racist, that one can be racist towards Whites, and criticized the bizarre neo-Marxist standards the left has fabricated to rationalize anti-White racism. Admirably, they have also preached against the mob mentality of the modern era. But in the end, whether wittingly or unwittingly, they crafted a narrative that leaves their almost exclusively White audiences with no defense against the outrage mobs of the authoritarian left.

This is especially pernicious in Shapiro’s case, since very recently he supported the firing of Roseanne Barr, counter-signaled the firing of James Gunn for tweeting pedophilia jokes, and back in 2016 called for the firing of Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for “thuggery” that never actually happened.

So the group that has been the political and social representatives of white America are actually reinforcing the double standard under which white America has been abused by the left for the past 50 years. Is anyone still wondering why the left has won every cultural battle since the 1960’s?

“Everyone Needs to Stop”

The left created the “go get em” outrage culture on social media, and in most respects it has paid them great dividends. Their ideological opponents on the right have been either silenced out of fear, or are denied the language needed to defend themselves by the Trotsky-like standards of political correctness. From Roseanne Barr’s famous show-killing tweet, Justine Sacco’s career-killing tweet, to the numerous baseball players we’ve recently seen attacked over tweets they made as teenagers, the message has been sent. Famous or not, if you are White and you violate the left’s ever-changing “speech codes,” you will be punished.

All of this is to say that the left does not take the high road! When a member of the political right is found to have said something against the left’s civic religion, no mercy is shown and nothing the Ben Shapiros of the world say, whether he is sincere or not, will change that.

The tenacity with which right-wingers are attacked has done nothing but increase over the years, as can be seen in the treatment of Andrew Dodson: harassed into suicide for the great crime of attending the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville last year.

So while reputations are destroyed, jobs are lost, homes and property attacked, and in some cases lives are ended, Conservative Inc. continues telling White people to “turn the other cheek” against an enemy who shows no mercy. Essentially White America is being told to ask Genghis Khan for a detente. Conservative Inc. knows such an absurd plan will lead us to hell; therefore they clearly must have ulterior motives for pushing such a passive strategy.

Relax White man. Jonah Goldberg is going to talk to the left and get everything calmed down! Jonah knows you’re upset about the “in your face anti-White rhetoric,” and he’s going to make it stop. While Mr. Goldberg took the time to tell us that “all forms of bigotry are bad even if some are worse than others,” and in so saying Goldberg gave some credibility to the left’s anti-egalitarian, dehumanizing arguments; arguments they use to justify anti-white racism, he saved his most important message for the left.

Liberals despise any argument that claims that they are part of the reason we “got Trump.” But for decades now, numerous liberals have acted like members of a cult awaiting the fulfillment of a demographic prophecy that, one day soon, Whites will be a minority in this country. When that happens, various versions of this prophecy foretell, White power and culture will be wiped away. This analysis has always been deeply flawed on a number of fronts, but that’s a topic for another day. My point here is that the rhetoric associated with this hope is profoundly dangerous because it flips the switch on Whites to suddenly see themselves as White. Economic issues had far less to do with Trump’s success than feelings of cultural displacement. And Trump’s margin of victory stemmed in large part from triggering or activating many voters who invest large parts of their identity in being White.

You can come up with as many polysyllabic explanations as you like for why it’s okay for you to mock, demonize, or ridicule White people. You can prattle on to your Ph.D. adviser’s content about how whiteness is a social construct that needs to be dismantled. But maybe you should have the simple decency and common sense to understand that many people won’t see it that way, because the net effect of your “counter-trolling” is that it leads to the opposite of your stated goal: You are making White people feel threatened, and, as a result, you’re making at least some of them more racist. You are making whiteness a thing.

If White people are being attacked as Whites, whether they see themselves as white or not, they are White and whiteness is a thing whether you like it or not Jonah. I do not believe that the Sarah Jeongs of the world are interested in White people’s claims of “colorblindness.” Haters themselves are blind and are undeterred by facts or evidence.

One must first ask why Mr. Goldberg is so concerned with awakening White identity. Every other racial/ethnic group in America has a strong sense of identity. As a Jew, shouldn’t Mr. Goldberg understand and respect a group balkanizing in defense when they are threatened? Mr. Goldberg says to liberals “you are making white people feel threatened,” but he never seems to consider if those feelings are justified.

Anti-White rhetoric appears daily in mainstream news outlets, statues of White men representing America’s past are demonized and torn down, and Whites are called racist for daring to oppose the unprecedented levels of immigration America has seen in recent decades. The media fixates on comparatively rare White-on-Black murders, even though Whites are the victims in the vast majority of Black/White interracial crime. Whites are publicly shamed for offensive tweets that were written when they were teenagers, and The New York Times hires members to its editorial board despite them having authored hundreds of anti-White tweets; perhaps the threat isn’t just in the heads of “white extremists,” Mr. Goldberg.

If the anti-White rhetoric is already this strong, when Whites are still over 60% of the country, what will it be like when we are 45%? 35%? 25%?

Mr. Goldberg’s career has been spent fronting a political ideology and party which received the overwhelming majority of its votes from White people. One would think that he would express more concern over the hatred being spewed at his constituents. Why are certain people so eager to see Whites become a minority? Why does Mr. Goldberg talk about White identity as if it’s a negative, when his existence is dominated by his identity as an ethnic Jew who identifies as a Zionist? Is identifying as a White person of European descent not legitimate?

I would hope that White conservatives find it disturbing that a conservative thought leader’s primary concern in this situation—our nation’s most prominent newspaper hiring an advocate for white genocide—is to get things calmed down for the purpose of preventing the awakening of White identity. What if the anti-White hatred can’t be calmed down, Jonah? What if presently deracinated Whites rediscovering their White identity is the only thing that can save them from becoming a hated and persecuted minority? Jonah telling liberals to hide their true feelings “if for no other reason” than to avoid making “the white kids angry” (read: embracing white identity) should tell you all you need to know about the kind of America Jonah Goldberg and his Cuckservative friends have planned for you.

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