Democrats Look for Brown Wave in Georgia Gubernatorial Race

Democrats hope enough Whites have been displaced to allow the installation of a permanent Third World government in Georgia.

Democrats Look for Brown Wave in Georgia Gubernatorial Race

There are some interesting state-level races taking shape for the midterms. An important one to watch is for the governorship of Georgia (held by Republicans since 2003). It’s receiving lots of coverage in the MSM because it exemplifies the narrative that “November could bring a national Democratic wave driven by women and people of color.” Their candidate, Stacy Abrams, checks both boxes without ever missing a meal.

They’re pushing her really hard, with fawning coverage like the piece from award-winning hack Molly Ball in Time Magazine. If a propaganda rag like that wants to dupe readers into thinking it’s journalism, publishing such idiotic adulation is a bad tactic. I burst out laughing when reading some of this absurd drivel. Here’s a great passage:

“When she speaks, all kinds of people–from black folks in rural communities to yuppie “resistance” moms around Atlanta, to this crowd of rough-handed electrical workers–go quiet and listen.”

Who wouldn’t sit in silent rapture while being harangued by this superstar? She’d blend right in with the clientele of any rent-to-own rims store or plasma donation center. A combination of brains and good’ole down home charm. Hotlanta Baby!

Another passage:

“She has just returned from a whirlwind trip to New York City and San Francisco, appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers, fundraising, and hawking her new book, Minority Leader, because what better does a businesswoman-novelist-lawyer-activist-politician have to do with her time, really, than write a memoir and go on tour?”

An accomplished genius to be sure, but Ball neglects to mention that she’s a couple hundred thousand dollars over her head in stuff like credit card debt and back taxes. Although, that may only serve to underscore her African-American authenticity.

Again from the Time article:

“When a Republican legislator was struggling to explain the details of his own bill, she passed him a helpful note, and then another, and another. Finally he sat down next to her and let her explain it for him, she recalls. . . ‘After that, Republicans would bring me their bills and ask me to look at them.’ “

Well, we can be sure this wildly implausible scenario actually occurred because that’s what SHE RECALLS. The propaganda is getting so bad these days. All you can do is chuckle. Here’s another:

“The next morning, Abrams skips church to sleep in and catch up on a favorite show, Supernatural. Its warrior angels and demons ‘create some very interesting theological questions,’ she muses.”

Ah, the musings of a real deep thinker. It makes sense then that she struck it big with the brilliant idea of “a bottled-water company for babies.” Somehow, she’s still hopelessly in debt. This hilarious work of fiction also touts her degree from Yale. After 16 years of George W. Bush (Yale) and Obama (Harvard), can an Ivy-League credential really command that much gravitas with any White voter? It’s doubtful since only the very oldest segment of the population hasn’t grown up oppressed by affirmative-action.

What her handlers are wagering here is that the demographic displacement of Whites in Georgia has advanced to the point where she can win by ignoring the average White voter and just focusing hard on getting high minority turnout. Along with the leftist White vote, that could be enough to win. Fortunately, this strategy is unlikely to work for at least one more election cycle.

Unfortunately, the alien influx into Georgia is profound. Once it reaches a critical mass, Whites just won’t matter in statewide elections anymore. Ever wonder why you see obnoxious, 60-IQ miscreants like Maxine Waters strutting the halls of congress? This is how it happens.

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