Jewish Leaders Struggle to Control Coalition of the Ascendant

Originally a useful tool to diminish White control of America, the imported brown underclass of the Democratic Party is beginning to cause problems.

Jewish Leaders Struggle to Control Coalition of the Ascendant

Many interesting sideshows are starting to unfold during the slow implosion of Weimerica. One is the Jewish realization that the Coalition of the Ascendant, touted by the J-Left as a steamroller of White America, isn’t well-disposed towards their priorities. Here’s a few instances to consider:

Back in May, when the ADL attempted to muscle in on the extortion of Starbucks by “co-leading” their cultural Marxist training day, Black activists were having none of its noble Jewish victim propaganda. Starbucks was theirs to plunder, and so they deftly cited the racism and brutality of Israel as a justification. The ADL was forced to walk away.

Next came the primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over Representative Joe Crowley in NYC. During her campaign she took to Twitter to criticize the Israeli slaughter of over 60 Palestinians in Gaza for precisely what it was—a “massacre.” No attention was paid at the time because everyone somehow expected Crowley to win against a Hispanic in his heavily majority-minority district.

After the celebration, they began to notice that she wasn’t displaying the reverential fealty that virtually every congressional candidate must render to Israel. Their fears heightened once it was discovered that Thomas Lopez-Pierre, a Latino politician who supported her campaign, had denounced “greedy Jewish landlords” and vowed to fight them on the City Council.

She tried to disavow him, and did a poor job of trying to say that she is not a threat to Israel, but it’s clear what she really thinks. Who would honestly believe that someone like her could watch “white” Israelis shoot-up brown Palestinians and think “oh, that’s fine”? Of course she doesn’t know much about Israel, but she’s seen what she needs to know. It’s probably why she wasn’t included in Obama’s first round of endorsements, though it doesn’t really matter given the heavily Hispanic composition of her district.

The most interesting part of the story thus far could be what’s happening out in California. The octogenarian Diane Feinstein failed to receive the party’s nomination for the seat she’s held since 1992. Instead, it went Kevin de Leon, a son of Guatemalan immigrants. He’ll be running against her in the November elections. Although he doesn’t have a fraction of the campaign funds, he does have the correct ethnicity. As we saw in NYC, that’s what makes the crucial difference in the multicultural free-for-all that our country has become.

He has an excellent chance of winning, because the people whose votes can deliver victory to de Leon will look at the ballot and see “Feinstein” and “de Leon.” Which name do you think a Latino will pick? The MSM is deliberately downplaying him on purpose. This is definitely a race to watch.

One has to wonder when reading the insane invade/invite the world rhetoric of Jewish Neocons like Max Boot if they’ve really considered what’s going to become of Israel after America has been turned into a 3rd world failed state. In touting someone who infiltrated this country from Guatemala as being superior to White Americans, it seems he’s failed to take into account that the new brown generation of Democrats doesn’t give a damn about being a staunch ally of Israel. They want to abolish ICE and get free stuff. To them, something like Iran’s nuclear program isn’t even of the slightest concern. Sure, Brazil still functions somewhat, but what kind of financial largess and military protection can it provide to an aggressive ethnostate in the Middle East?

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