Muslim Women Poised to Enter Congress for First Time

Muslim Women Poised to Enter Congress for First Time

The racial polarization of American politics cannot be reversed. It will only continue to accelerate. For evidence, just take a look at some results from last Tuesday’s primaries. It would appear that next year, we’ll have our first Muslim congresswoman. Actually, fortune (it couldn’t possibly be a deliberate population transfer program) will likely bestow upon on us not just one, but two.

Rashida Tlaib

This Palestinian earned her leftist street cred by heckling Trump during a 2016 speech in Detroit. Perhaps that’s what helped her to win the primary in a Black district long held by serial sexual-assaulter John Conyers. Israeli media is totally freaking out because she’s asserted that support for the Jewish ethnostate ‘doesn’t fit the values of our country.’ Tough to argue with that one. No nation should receive US aid for violent racism. We ought to wholeheartedly support her endeavors.

While Tlaib won’t succeed in withholding a single cent, it sure is entertaining to watch. (((They))) are in the uncomfortable position of being unable to squash a noble woman of color because she’s part of their narrative about a blue wave driven by women of color. As a Muslim female, she’s basically the American par excellence according to the zeitgeist they’re forcing down everyone’s throat.

Tlaib has also vowed to “fight back against every racist and oppressive structure that needs to be dismantled.” Specifically, she is talking about ICE. That’s a sentiment she shares in common with future colleague Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar

Omar got her start in politics in 2016, when she knocked off 22-term incumbent Phyllis (((Kahn))) in the Democratic primary for the Minnesota House of Representatives. In richly satisfying irony, Kahn had celebrated and pushed for Somali importation into her district. However, once there were enough Somalis to sufficiently displace her White constituents, they didn’t need her anymore. The Somalis elected one of their own and Kahn was out after 42 years in office.

It should be noted that before the demographic scales tipped, Omar had supported fellow Somali Mohamud Noor in an unsuccessful bid to unseat Kahn back in 2014. This sparked some sort of dispute within Minnesota’s “East African political community” which erupted into “chaos and violence” on at least 2 occasions. Omar had to be hospitalized for a concussion.

The overwhelming likelihood is that Omar will win her deep blue district in November. When that happens, she’ll replace Muslim Representative Keith Ellison who just won the primary for state attorney general.

Here it is on a silver platter Republicans!

Trump was right. Somalis are indeed proving themselves “a disaster” for Minnesota. However, they don’t have to be a disaster for the Republican Party. The beauty of identity politics is that only one side needs to articulate that game explicitly since genetics are immutable. Republicans really couldn’t have a better foil than a hijab-wearing Somali berating White Americans about why they need to open up their borders and give more free stuff to people like herself.

Take a look across the aisle. Senior White Dems are nearly all senior citizens. The next crop of would-be White leaders like NYC’s Rep. Joe Crowley are getting booted out by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Democrats are doing the hard work around here. All the GOP needs to do is get a clue.

Republicucks, you have the same DNA as the only voting bloc needed to keep you in office and in the majority. That’s a huge advantage right from the start. You know what else can work for you? The winning blueprint that President Trump used to trounce and humiliate perennial losers like yourselves. When he hijacked your party, he was actually doing you a favor. Close the borders, get rid of the illegals, bring back the factories. The other side will do the identity assault for you. It’s so damn simple. Just stick with his script.

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