NYT Tells Soldiers to “Think Twice Before Following the President’s Orders in a Crisis”

So much for not being the enemy of the people.

NYT Tells Soldiers to “Think Twice Before Following the President’s Orders in a Crisis”

So much for not being the enemy of the people. After a week in which over 300 mainstream newspapers colluded to write scathing editorials on President Trump’s criticism of them, the media went right back to proving him right.

On Friday, the New York Times published an article by Tim Weiner telling people working in the U.S. military and intelligence agencies to “think twice before following the president’s orders in a crisis.”

His reason? Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA chief, John Brennan. Why should the president allow a man, who is not employed by the U.S. government and who has shown a deep animus toward Trump, to have a security clearance? Why should any retired official have a security clearance, let alone one who has accused the president of treason?

It’s no surprise that the media wants Brennan to keep his clearance, so he can continue leaking information to them. It’s also no surprise that Brennan is furious over it, because now he is no longer useful to the fake news media.

Throughout the article, Weiner trips over himself, doing a better job of making Trump’s case than his own:

“For nine months now, the president has been ranting about the ‘Deep State.’ He sees it as a coterie of present and former leaders of F.B.I. gumshoes and C.I.A. spooks who are out to get him through leaks and lies. There is no deep state in America — at least, there hasn’t been the threat of one since J. Edgar Hoover died in 1972, six weeks before the Watergate break-in. But in the mind of Donald Trump, if any group of retired military and intelligence officers could serve as the shadow cabinet for a silent coup, it’s men like Bill McRaven and Bob Gates. They worked for Obama! (Yes, and Reagan, too.)”

Here, Weiner claims there is no deep state, while simultaneously pointing out that many of the same people have had control of U.S. intelligence agencies for decades. And now many of those same people, several of which have expressed political opposition to Trump, are attacking him and trying to bring him down, using security clearances to sell information to the media to undermine the administration. Weiner admits there is a shadowy permanent bureaucratic elite in Washington that is conspiring to bring down the president. Call it whatever you like.

Later, Weiner makes the case for Trump’s decision plain and simple:

“John Brennan, who knows whereof he speaks, believes that the president is a threat to the security of the United States — a counterintelligence threat, no less, in thrall to President Vladimir Putin of Russia.”

Why should Trump allow a man with these views, who does not hold any position in the government, access to classified information? Being a conspiracy theorist who thinks the president of the United States is a Russian agent is a pretty good reason to have your security clearance revoked.

Weiner ends with a concerning appeal to “active-duty generals and admirals, soldiers and spies”:

“Remember your oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Think twice before following this man’s orders in a crisis.”

They call him treasonous. They call him a Russia spy. They call for military and intelligence agencies to usurp him.

He calls them the enemy of the people. Rightly so.

Jay Lorenz

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