“Politically Incorrect Conservative” in Georgia Gives Republicans a Blueprint

Republicans win by courting the White vote. Brian Kemp is proving that in the Georgia gubernatorial race.

“Politically Incorrect Conservative” in Georgia Gives Republicans a Blueprint

In my last article, I examined the obese woman of color equipped with a dubious intellectual capacity running for governor of Georgia. Her handlers are seeking high minority turnout in combination with the White Leftist vote. It’s their hope that Republican voters in Georgia have been displaced to the point where they have been rendered irrelevant. From their point of view, it’s the most viable tactic for electoral success. It’s not wrong, although it’s probably a strategy prematurely deployed for this election cycle.

Fortunately, Brian Kemp won in the Republican primary. His example should be very instructive for any Republican seeking office. Kemp defeated the clueless and cringy Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle to win the nomination. Cagle is a conventional Republican who typifies the element of the party currently getting tossed overboard. He had the marquee name and the endorsement of outgoing governor Nathan Deal. Kemp had a different endorsement: President Trump:

Kemp’s landslide victory was highly predictable. It’s always been frustrating to watch guys like Cagle consistently lose with grace, all the while refusing to halt the demographic influx that would ultimately destroy any chance they had at a political career. What we’re seeing now is that they can’t get a clue about what’s going on with the Trump Shift any better than they could with demographic displacement. In 2016, they bitterly opposed the only member of their party who had a chance of winning. Now that he’s provided them with a blueprint for success, most of them just can’t follow it even with their political lives at stake.

Trump’s ego is far too big to lose to Hillary Clinton. He saw precisely why he could win. That’s why he ran. Now, he’s offering that lesson to Republicans lower down the food chain. However these losers feel about it, they need to accept reality and get with the program. It’s clearly working and it’s the only thing that can work right now. Cagle had everything going for him except common sense.

Kemp ran based ads in which he held firearms and promised to deport illegals with his very own F-350 pickup truck. Yeah, he spouts all the typical conservative tropes like small government and cutting red tape. Everybody does. That’s not what put him over the top against the lieutenant governor.

Cagle literally got caught on tape complaining the primary was about “who had the biggest gun, who had the biggest truck, and who could be the craziest.” He’s clearly incapable of learning. The Democrats have settled firmly into a strategy of doubling down on brown, purging their own senior White politicians along the way. They could not change course even if they wanted to.

It’s blindingly obvious that Republicans must do the opposite: appeal to White voters and get them to turn out in big numbers by addressing their concerns. When Democrats call for the abolition of ICE, they’re tossing a big golden nugget to their opponents. Was it outlandish to swagger about throwing illegals into the back of a pickup truck and driving them back where they belong? The man who did will probably be governor. The moderate’s political career is over.

Although the Democrats are making the comparison, this won’t be a repeat of what happened last year in Virginia. That time around, centrist White male Ralph Northam (basically a Democrat from the 90’s) defeated swamp-Republican Ed Gillespie. In VA, even Trump couldn’t win because White Virginians have already been overrun. Kemp is going up against a woman who plans to destroy the Confederate Memorial at Stone Mountain among other very divisive initiatives for White voters. She can’t be conciliatory towards them in any genuine fashion because she’s depending on high minority turnout. Kemp is using that to his advantage. She’s alienating them, while he’s appealing directly to them. None of this is complicated. The New York Times is saying that it will be harder for Kemp to win with Trump’s endorsement. Remember all the other times the Times was right about Trump? Me neither. It’s the same story over and over.

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