Power and Competence are Very Different Things

For decades, the American ruling class has displayed an almost unbelievable level of incompetence.

Power and Competence are Very Different Things

What has brought the West into its current existential predicament is the unfortunate dynamic of our elite having great power coupled with breathtaking incompetence. There’s not a single important facet in which one can make a convincing case that they know what they’re doing. Let’s review a few.


America has spent the last couple decades shuttering over 50,000 factories, while simultaneously importing millions of the worst refuse the 3rd World has to offer. Unsurprisingly, White birthrates have plummeted, and the average life expectancy is dropping. Wealth inequality has soared, along with personal and government debts exacerbated by unfunded liabilities so vast they make the debt levels seem insignificant.

For many young people, the baby boomer lives of reproduction and prosperity that their parents were pursing at the same age seems like an unattainable fantasy. Entire cities like Detroit and Baltimore have been reduced to violent wastelands. This is not a difficult picture to catch sight of at all, and yet when the people in charge look at it, they simply cannot grasp what’s going on.

Every Mexican and Somali coming in represents cheap labor for them and more customers for corporations like Walmart. Plus, there’s even more tenants for Section 8 properties. What’s not to like? They’re so myopic that they cannot understand that each of these people represent a net financial loss for the country, which is a wildly unsustainable endeavor.

The meager value of the work being done by the emerging majority doesn’t pay for the services they receive. That’s why much of their jobs, like cutting lawns, used to be done by American teenagers. Yes, your maid is cheap, but not her SNAP benefits, housing, medical care, and schooling for her children. From an abundance of financial, economic, and statistical measures, it’s hard not to notice that we’ve been in a precipitous decline as the country’s demographics have changed. Again, this is quite a simple set of parallel trends to grasp. It’s really disconcerting that people with access to so much aggregate information seem unable to discern it.


It’s no secret that Jews, through the (((mainstream media))) and lobbying organizations such as AIPAC, exercise control over any aspect of our foreign policy that concerns their ethnostate. And yet, besides siphoning untold billions of our tax dollars, what good have they done?

Consider the brilliant plan to destroy Iraq. This was an endeavor undertaken mainly to create a better strategic situation for Israel by overthrowing an unfriendly secular Arab government which imposed stability over a fractious domestic situation. Replacing it with a puppet of the US was supposed to be so neat and simple. As it turns out, that’s only what happened in white papers written by murderous idiots like Richard Perle and Bill Kristol.

Netanyahu promised a slavishly obsequious congress that this would have “positive reverberations throughout the Middle East.” Of course, it hasn’t worked out that way. Millions of Iraqis were put through a horrific travesty. Iran’s influence is much greater now that the Shia majority has been unleashed. Israel is in a more dangerous position than ever.

Did anybody learn their lesson? Nope. It’s on to overthrowing the legitimate government of Syria. Did that succeed? No, and once again the regional security situation for Israel has deteriorated further. Moreover, nearly 20 years of this nonsense has provoked a massive Semitic-awareness movement, because their unwarranted power and it’s profoundly negative consequences are impossible to ignore. If you don’t want Americans to be angry at Jews, then simply not jamming them through a meat grinder would have been a far superior strategy. That sort of ordeal forces people to notice. They’ll never learn.


Once the Cold War was over, it was the assumption of the average person that tensions with Russia would naturally decrease. The nations would retain their nuclear arsenals, but lots of money could be saved because we don’t need to mutually assure each other of our ability to destroy the world several times over. It seemed reasonable back then that the capability to do it once would suffice. The domestic situation in the US is so fraught that confronting Russia is the last thing normal people care about.

The Russians didn’t overthrow the Mexican Government so that they could hold massive military drills in Tijuana or Juarez. The Russian Navy isn’t making a show of force in the Gulf of Mexico. Stuff like the Cuban Missile Crisis was supposed to be a cautionary tale from history class. Instead, we’re playing an incredibly dangerous game of making absurd lies about how Russia hacked our democracy while provoking them just under the level that would start armed confrontation. The end goal seems to be instigating some sort of general collapse in Russia itself. Hopefully, it doesn’t get out of hand.

Don’t reach across the planet to poke a giant bear with a stick. That’s basic common sense, but it just doesn’t apply in DC. Russians have priorities like sobering up, getting the birthrate to a sustainable level, and developing their economy so that they never again have to endure a period like the 1990s. These are all expensive initiatives that leave little enthusiasm for a new arms race. Developing doomsday weapons such as nuclear torpedoes or hyper-sonic warheads require resources that they’d rather allocate toward existential domestic concerns.

Where do they go from here?

We’ve been living through a master class on how to pack powder keg. It’s almost as if our elites have been reading from a textbook on how to facilitate civil unrest. Take a productive, prosperous country, then, undermine the economy while importing hostile aliens to displace the historical population upon which its functionality depends. Manufacture and subsidize their grievances. Call them the “Coalition of the Ascendant,” and viciously persecute anyone who seeks to preserve their own heritage or question why becoming a minority is a good thing.

The most important thing to do you’ve after unwittingly fomented an existential crisis is to make sure that anyone who expresses dissent or proposes practical solutions is deplatformed, not just from the internet, but the economy entirely, right down to their gym membership. See, this is because the key to conflict resolution is civil dialogue. The ability to air one’s grievances and engage in discussion with others in a peaceful manner acts as a pressure relief valve. The people in charge won’t let that happen.

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