The VA’s War on Veterans’ Second Amendment Rights

Since the Clinton Administration, the VA has restricted the Second Amendment rights of thousands of American veterans.

The VA’s War on Veterans’ Second Amendment Rights

Robert Wilkie has been appointed as the new Veterans Affairs (VA) chief by President Trump, and the usual promises are being made to take care of America’s sons and daughters that have served America Honorably. However, it is time to expose a major problem left behind by the Democratic (Clinton and Obama) VA legacy.

The problem started in 1998, under the leadership of President Clinton, when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) implemented a new policy targeting “mental defective” personnel that were collecting government benefits. When this policy was sold to the American public, it was understood that anyone adjudicated by a court of law to be a “mental defective” or who had been involuntarily committed to a mental institution would have their Second Amendment right taken away and prevented from owning a firearm.

However, by 2017, the intent had clearly morphed into a significant government gun-grabbing initiative with veterans becoming the main target of the gun grab. What was sold to the American public was changed to anyone who requires or chooses to have their government benefits managed by a fiduciary because they simply lack the necessary skills to budget, for whatever reason, having their Second Amendment right taken away and prevented from owning a firearm.

By the end of the Obama administration, Congress had codified the changes into Title 18 U.S. Code § 922 (d), and federal agencies worked with the BATF to restrict 171,083 American citizens from exercising their Second Amendment right for no other reason than they were collecting government benefits that were managed by a fiduciary. More importantly, the VA contributed the names of 167,815 veterans to the BATF and accounted for stripping 98.1 percent of them, all veterans, from exercising their Second Amendment right. For an agency dedicated to helping veterans this is an American disgrace and nothing more than the VA’s declaration of war on the constitutional rights of American veterans!

While the complete extent of the Democratic-led BATF’s war on the Second Amendment is beyond the scope of this article, and their attacks are numerous, two more point needs to be made. As part of its gun grabbing effort, the BATF also prevents family members and any person who resides with a restricted veteran from exercising their Second Amendment right because the veteran could gain access to a firearm. This law has prevented many veterans from seeking the help they need because more and more veterans are refusing to report to the VA injuries or illnesses that would restrict their Second Amendment right.

The law also prevents the sale of firearms to anyone the seller knows or has reasonable cause to believe is using illegal drugs. Given America’s wars on drugs, guns, and everything else, I am left wondering why welfare recipients are not required to take regular drug tests to determine if they should have their Second Amendment right withheld. After all, their rampant and well-known drug use is unlawful under the same law that strips veterans of their Second Amendment right.

What I find most interesting with this law is how it counters the j-left’s narrative that everyone, regardless of citizenship, is entitled to constitutional rights and its protection. This law clearly forbids illegal immigrants and any American who renounced their American citizenship from exercising their Second Amendment right. If everyone is protected by the Constitution, regardless of citizenship, why prohibit anyone from exercising their Second Amendment right, unless the true agenda is to strip everyone of their right to keep and bear arms.

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