What Does the Deplatforming of Alex Jones Portend?

The Writing is on the Wall for Conservatives and Libertarians.

What Does the Deplatforming of Alex Jones Portend?

By Thomas Glahn

The recent deplatforming of Alex Jones came as a shock to many, including many on the Alt Right, who believed themselves to have a monopoly on official proscription. This should be a wake up call to them as well as any far sighted conservative or libertarian. You do not need to even mention the Jewish question in order to merit deplatforming. You don’t need to be a racist. You just have to be asking questions.

For decades Alex Jones has entertained us all with his incredible persona, all the while delivering a fairly milquetoast take on “outsider politics” and reminding us every five minutes that natural solutions for erectile disfunction *do* exist. Anybody would have thought he was a harmless charlatan (actual cranks tend to be far less business savvy than Jones). But Trump represented a paradigm shift in American politics.

We can go back and forth on Trump forever: if nothing else, here we are, two years after the election and the only thing more conspicuous than the Swamp is the absence of the Wall. What we can no longer deny is that his election represented a watershed moment for Liberal elites. First, an unideal candidate won the Republican primary, and then beat the establishment Democratic candidate. Trump’s extremely able use of “patriotic” dogwhistles and even explicitly nationalist rhetoric, even if it were pure opportunism, spooked the Establishment. The subsequent mouthing of these sentiments, distilled or watered-down to taste, by everyone to the right of Chamber of Commerce Republicans has them absolutely terrified.

Terrified people do not act rationally. In the moment of extreme duress, they single-mindedly focus on survival. Only with great discipline could they hope to accurately identify their enemies and act with precision. If this were not the case, martial artists would be unexceptional people, and all of us, confronted in a dark alley with the threat of violence, would become Kung Fu masters.

The current elite are anything but disciplined. Try as some might, and Jones could be included in their number, to align them to Soviet Communism, or Maoism, or the Natzees, they lack the spartan ethos and focus on the goal that characterized the leaders of those movements. They are generally hedonistic, and that hedonism has certainly provided plenty of fodder for the Joneses of the world. It has also softened them, made them shirk from conflict, and deal badly with conflict when it arises. Trump owed his success to his Establishment opponents thinking they were entering a rigged match, and being unable to control themselves in a fight with a man who wanted to win.

The Establishment didn’t care that Jones promoted UFOs and chemtrails and ancient Canaanite Gods making pacts with Hollywood Producers— all they saw was that he supported the president, was popular, and that they did not control him. As has been observed several times over the past few weeks, they have been unable to control Trump, so they are going to try to control his supporters. Unfortunately for the current order, their efforts resemble a blind man hacking at a hydra with a dull blade.

The press creates a new scandal every week, with some poor fool absolutely blindsided by the full weight of a national press going after him for some violation of political correctness. These tactics are typical of a regime too scared and frustrated to recognize the precise location of a threat and go about eliminating it. Now they are coming after Jones— do you think they will stop with him?

The Alt Lite and the Alt Right have fought together before—we got a President out of it. The Alt Right has already been deplatformed. Certain Alt Light figures opted to refrain from crying out about this flagrant violation of free speech, and who could blame them? Is it worth throwing away your social capital to defend a few sick, twisted racists? They would have put their ability to appeal to the masses in jeopardy for doing so.

But now the Alt Light is being deplatformed, because the elite are realizing how hard it is to kill a zeitgeist. And I’m sure I know what those right-on-the-edge-of-the-overton-window conservatives to their left are thinking: “Is it worth throwing away our social capital to defend a few sick, twisted racists?”

Conservatives and Libertarians: its time to realize which way the wind is blowing. The buck has got to stop. There is no point at which the Leftists in the Media, in the big Corporations and in Government are going to give up framing their opponents as beyond the pale wingnuts. We all have to join together to fight censorship and deplatforming in the most effective way possible: pushing for legislation guaranteeing 1st Amendment Rights to the New Commons of Social Media, and assuring the right to conduct business online. Let’s not miss the forest for the trees.

The establishment is lashing out. Alex Jones doesn’t have a Youtube Channel anymore, but its unlikely that Trump is going to resign tomorrow. So the attacks will continue all the way down the line until nobody can share an opinion that isn’t a left-wing cause du jour.

My friends, we are not so different. We all want what we think best for our country. But without a platform, we can’t have the public debate necessary to determine what that “best” really means. Its time for us to come together, one more time, and determine the course of history.

Jazzhands McFeels

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