Why I’m Not Mourning the Death of John McCain

To John McCain, Americans were just disposable pawns in his war-mongering schemes.

Why I’m Not Mourning the Death of John McCain

John McCain was a Zionist stooge, exceptional only in his fervent thirst for blood. But, DC is packed to the brim with such creatures. Other than that, he was a typical Republican. As Lindsey Graham recently put it, “He failed a lot, but he never quit.” Truly an exemplar of the party.

I met McCain at an event for his doomed presidential bid at which my attendance was not entirely voluntary. The speech was a call to ratchet up the neocon insanity of the Bush Administration wrapped in the guise of “keeping our nation secure.” Even a decade ago, he looked like a man far too frail to be holding any public office, let alone the presidency. He also struck me as not such a bright light bulb.

The 2008 elections were over before they even started. It was easy to tell that the young guy spouting “Hope and Change” nonsense would prevail over an elderly candidate whose entire campaign was basically an insinuation that he’d like to see the world blasted to smithereens. The fact that McCain thought it would be a selling point is a testament to his ineptitude. Although, if that were his worse quality, he probably wouldn’t have been such a bad guy. There’s lots of stupid people out there who aren’t looking to kick off WW3.

McCain was imbued with what I’ve come to understand as a sociopathic indifference to the immense suffering he needlessly inflicted. It’s how he kept pressing for more destructive idiocy without any self-reflection. I first came to appreciate this mindset four years earlier while participating in the inaugural festivities of George W Bush’s second term. Balls were held and everybody was celebrating. That imbecile was grinning and waving the whole time.

Nobody really cared that soldiers who had volunteered to fight for their country were lying maimed, their lives ruined, just up the road at Walter Reed. If they did, they certainly would have had the decency not to throw a big party for themselves right after starting a war. They certainly didn’t give a damn that the economic basis for the communities that these men came from in flyover country was being exported. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that you are anything but disposable trash to someone like Bush or McCain.

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