10 Ways To Stop Being A Cuck

10 Ways To Stop Being A Cuck

*This article was originally published in January 2017.

10. Abandon The Democratic Party

For anyone who has not yet gotten the memo, the Democratic Party has positioned itself as the anti-American (and consequently anti-White) party and is posturing to continue this. In recent years, the Democratic Party has underwent a major transformation from being the face of the unionized labor force to being the face of burgeoning non-White demographics. The 2016 election saw a profound polarization along racial lines that will only get worse as the growing non-White population becomes increasingly vocal in its hatred for White America.


#NoMoreWhiteDems is the future of the Democratic Party.

Trump won the election due in part to his ability to win over traditionally democratic voters in swing states which are predominately White. There is good reason to believe this shift will be even more dramatic in 2020, since Trump’s plausibility as a candidate has been established and the media will have less influence over a general public that is becoming aware of the blatant anti-Trump bias.

At this point, any White person still supporting the Democratic party is supporting their own displacement and marginalization. The Democratic Party is the antithesis to White prosperity and is actively and unabashedly threatening the right of White Americans to have sovereignty in our own homeland. A modern White liberal is just a cuck dreaming about a future world of being dominated by their vibrant overlords.

9. Fight The Liberal Establishment

The liberal establishment consists of out of touch elites in the media, college professors, lawyers and bureaucrats, and celebrities in popular culture–all supported by an entrenched political deep state that ensures that the power of the ruling regime is never truly threatened. It organizes effectively to persecute its political opponents and establish the narrative. The left has solidified its dominance over culture and politics to such an extent that, before Trump, the right wing had been effectively cucked and unable to find the courage to fight back. For too long the big liberal machine had gone unchallenged.

Anyone who stands by idly as liberals have their way with our country is a cuck. Liberal protests must be met with counter-protests, and their narrative must be met with ridicule and derision. Do not let your voice be silenced. Support your brothers that are fighting the good fight. Help build a network to ensure doxing and boycotts are less effective. Use their own tactics against them. Fight fake news with the truth. The left obtains power through subversion and manipulation; the right obtains power through assertion. When we fight back, we win.

8. Do Not Apologize

The liberal establishment has adopted a hostile cultural marxist agenda that espouses an aggressively anti-White narrative delivered through the controlled media and culture. The foundation of cultural marxism lies on exploiting misplaced feelings of empathy to foster feelings of guilt. White guilt is then weaponized to exploit the White native populations in their own homelands for the benefit of the ruling party that rewards the foreign population in exchange for gibs and loyalty. Never apologize for being White, especially when liberal politicians attempt to plunder our wealth and prosperity. Welfare and social programs that disproportionately benefit minorities are funded predominantly by Whites and are kept in place by anti-White liberal politicians who believe we deserve to be punished for our own prosperity.

White people do not need to apologize for the bitter envy and resentment from other racial groups that is agitated by liberal politicians. Do not be the cuck who apologizes for who we are because of misplaced feelings of sympathy and pathological altruism. It does not make a liberal a ‘good’ person to sacrifice their own people to gain the favor of hostile enemy tribes who view us as nothing more than a doormat.

7.  Reject Third Worldism

Third wordlism is the system of morality that values the needs of third world migrants as morally superior to the native population in first world (read: White) countries. Third worldism is the primary moral philosophy of the liberal world order and it has led to the widespread adaptation of aggressively anti-White policy. The overwhelming majority of third world people are savages who have openly declared war on our way of life and have no place in civilized society.


IQ has a significant hereditary component. But you will never hear your genetics professor admit the truth about human biodiversity.

Open borders  is the globalist dream to end the nation-state and must be opposed. By bringing migrants into our homelands we import their third world problems and cultural attitudes. A liberal simultaneously believes that all people are equal, yet feels that denying third world people access to White majority countries is inherently cruel; implicitly suggesting that such people are incapable of creating an equally prosperous society on their own. The cognitive dissonance is palpable.


Every time someone defecates in public a liberal will tell you how its your fault. Just imagine how prosperous the rest of the world would be if Whites didn’t exist.

Foreign aid is a policy landmark of this era of morality that must be overturned. The sheer amount of medicine, technology and financial aid that is exported from our countries are resources that could be used to develop our own societies and help our own people instead of just exploding the populations of people that will consume wealth rather than produce it. We must adopt an America first mindset going forward. White majority countries do not have magic soil. Our prosperity is a result of our own civilizational development and would exist independent of others. Do not be a cuck that lets his society and prosperity be trampled on by foreigners who already have their own nations.

6. Stop Punching To The Right

Most people eventually reach a point where the reality of the anti-White narrative becomes apparent and gain the courage to begin fighting back. The process of taking the redpill is not something that happens overnight, rather it is processed in stages. Regardless of where you currently stand regarding certain truths about the world, there is absolutely no reason to virtue signal against people who are further down the path then you. Punching to the right is a pathological problem of the right wing. If someone throws up a Roman salute there is absolutely nothing to gain by having a meltdown and rushing to grovel at the shitlib monolith. Apologizing is a weakness that leftist adversaries will always weaponize against you.

Unless you bend the knee to full blown anti-White cultural marxism you will never win the respect of leftists. Cuckservatives have handcuffed themselves by being ‘respectable’ for decades and have consequently conserved nothing. The cultural revolution has taken place because the opposition was ineffective and did not respond proportionally to the threat of cultural marxism. There is no limit to the level of deception and unethical behavior of the left, yet the right will endlessly devour itself purity spiraling about respectability. The Alt-Right seeks to redefine the rules in our favor instead of playing within a set of rules that are designed to keep the current establishment in power. Only a cuck would play by his enemies’ rules instead of taking charge of the narrative.

5. Acknowledge Conservatism Has Failed

A conservative is someone who would rather preserve an abstract set of ideas over demographics. To a conservative, people are bland, rootless, interchangeable units that can all be led to believe conservative principles. The complete rejection of the importance of identity to society leaves conservatives without an answer to the most important emotional aspect of humanity; a sense of greater purpose. Loyalty to a piece of paper is not as emotionally compelling as loyalty to a nation. And although conservatives certainly embrace soft nationalism and patriotism, they are prepared to endure the erasure of European history to avoid being labeled as racist.


Racist is a term that can be traced back to radical marxist (((Leon Trotsky))). The subversive rhetorical weapon was devised to frame pride in our own people and nation as an evil rather than a natural self preserving instinct.

In order for a system of government to be maintained, there must be sufficient agency in the people who maintain it. If you replaced the people of America with baboons there would be no more stable government. If you replaced the people of America with third world people then America would cease to exist. There is no greater slanderous act of hatred toward America than supporting policies to replace and displace its native people. Although conservatives want to restrict immigration, they refuse to admit that the society and culture they seek to preserve is White in origin, and focus on illegal immigration while never challenging legal immigration as a problem. The founding fathers devised this country as a limited suffrage republic for religious White men to govern. Yet there are no conservatives challenging universal suffrage or taking realistic stances regarding race.


The original Americans were not Muslims. If our governing piece of paper says we cannot protect our nation from foreign invaders then it needs to be fixed immediately.

Conservatives have such latent contempt for America that they believe it is only a proposition nation without any ethnic or cultural roots; something anybody can be a part of if they follow certain universal rules. The constitution is certainly a fantastic piece of philosophical work done by brilliant men. However, since the constitution has been twisted over the centuries into a glorified White genocide suicide pact, there is no reason for any self-respecting White person to hold it in such high esteem. We can always rewrite a document, but we cannot undo our genetic eradication. The founding idea that all men are created equal is objectively false and has led to the predicament we find ourselves in today; it must be reconsidered.

4. Reject Classical Liberalism

The Alt-Lite wants to be edgy, yet insists on avoiding certain critical issues for fear of being ‘too edgy’. The Alt-Lite is an intellectual dead-end that serves as nothing more than a momentary stop on a journey to real ethnic nationalism; it does not significantly challenge the status quo. Attacking the easiest targets is not going to result in meaningful change: a revolution requires challenging the system at its foundation. Classical liberalism has led to the mass invasion of our homelands and the demonization of Europeans across the planet. Classical liberalism gives representation and influence to our enemies by treating them as equals rather than adversaries. Our enemies then exploit our generosity while openly plotting our demise.


The trajectory of classical liberalism is White genocide.

Any philosophy that forces you to hide your pride in our ethnic heritage is inherently cucked. Be proud of your European heritage and do not let anyone take that away from you. And certainly do not let Alt-Lite pundits redirect your feelings of nationalism toward a safe space that won’t actually accomplish anything. The Alt-Lite is in it for YouTube subscribers and dollar bills. The Alt-Right has an eternal passion for our people and way of life which cannot be measured in currency.

3. Stop Being A Degenerate

Our modern society is awash in a sea of degeneracy that must be drained in order to be restored to prosperity and glory. The degeneracy espoused by popular culture is propped up by the (((Hollywood))) entertainment industry and must be destroyed entirely. Hollywood and all other havens of degeneracy should be boycotted entirely. The power of the state should be used to break up media conglomerates that monopolize our culture. We simply cannot maintain a decent ordered society if we have widespread degeneracy. The Alt-Right seeks to establish a society with higher aspirations and values than the simple pursuit of pleasure.


There’s no place for degeneracy in our civilization.

If you apologize for or endorse any of these destructive behaviors then you are part of the problem. By cucking on degeneracy, you would be supporting a permission structure that enables the behaviors that lead to the degradation of our society. Do not create a safe space for degeneracy to grow in our backyard, and ensure that degenerates have no environment to thrive. Rid yourself of addictions and dependencies and take control of your life by finding a wholesome spiritual purpose in place of the nihilistic indefinite pursuit of immediate gratification.

2. Stop Being Afraid of Anti-White Labels

If you cannot defend your own people and nation without cowering in utter terror at the mere whisper of the word-that-shall-not-be-spoken, then you are most definitely a cuck. And no, that does not mean you should become a Hollywood caricature of a ‘Nazi’ or a ‘Klansman’. It means you should stop being afraid of labels that are no longer relevant today.


This is what literally Hitler looks like in 2017. Anything that challenges the system will be labeled as the face of evil.

The (((ADL))) labeled our cartoon frog mascot a ‘symbol of hate’. When anything and everything representing White solidarity is deemed unacceptable, it becomes apparent that White people themselves are the target for merely existing. The label of ‘hate’ is used exclusively to describe White people, while other groups are given a free pass–despite the majority of genuine ‘hate’ being directed at Whites. Regular laws are sufficient and all hate crime laws should be repealed entirely for being inherently anti-White.

Making Whites afraid of our own ethnic solidarity is how we are controlled and subverted. Europeans are denied a positive ethnic identity and instead coerced into submission by guilt. By embracing our identity and not running away from scare labels, we can begin to form a coherent movement to take back control of our own societies. Do not cede moral authority to people with a system of morality that endorses White genocide. Do not be a cuck that others can control through intimidation and social engineering.

1. Do Not Be Afraid To Name The Enemy 

Although the JQ is the toughest redpill to swallow, there is no excuse in the face of overwhelming evidence to deny or hide from the truth. There has never been an adequate refutation of the JQ as such the establishment resorts to censorship.


When a demographic that is approximately 2% of the population controls over 90% of the media reasonable people ask questions.

If you want to find out who controls you, find out who you cannot criticize. If you do not have the courage to speak the truth about the origin of the problems that plague our society, then you are just another cog in the globalist machine. There is an enormous consequence to challenging the political status quo of the ruling class and nobody said it would be easy. But you are not alone in this global struggle.

The Alt-Right is growing every day. There is nothing the ruling class fears more than Europeans asserting themselves and retaking control of our own destiny. Trump has been a vehicle for the re-establishment of White identity. Now that White nationalism has emerged, the Alt-Right will be the beacon that will rise and usher in the final defeat of globalism.

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