Despite Third Place Finish, Nationalists Hold the Power in Sweden

Despite Third Place Finish, Nationalists Hold the Power in Sweden

In the Swedish national election on Sunday, the nationalist Sweden Democrats made significant gains, while the establishment parties hemorrhaged support. The Sweden Democrats received 17.6% of the vote, up from 12.9% in 2014. The current ruling party, the Social Democrats, received 28.4%, down from 31%, while the center-right Moderate party received 19.8%, down from 23%.

Neither the center-left bloc, led by the Social Democrats, or the center-right bloc (known as the Alliance), led by the Moderates gained enough support to form a majority government. They ended up with 40.6% and 40.3% of the vote, respectively. Both blocs have refused to negotiate with the Sweden Democrats. In other places in Europe, such as Italy, the far-right has parlayed electoral success into joining a ruling coalition. However, it is likely that the Swedish establishment parties mean it when they say they are unwilling negotiate with the right.

This election was the first since the Swedish government allowed 163,000 migrant invaders into the country in 2015. With a population of only 10 million, this made Sweden the largest recipient of migrant invaders in Europe per capita. This influx has caused nationalist sentiment to erupt across Sweden, as violent crime soared. In many parts of Sweden, it is not safe for women to travel alone, as the streets are teaming with non-White criminals waiting to attack them. Because of lax law enforcement on invaders, they have little fear of punishment for even the most heinous of crimes. On August 13, migrant invaders set 80 cars on fire in Gothenburg, and no one was arrested. Invaders who sexually assault Swedish women are often let off with no jail time. The Swedish government has taken the position of cowering in fear from the invaders, instead of standing up to them. The result is that an increasing number of Swedes are ready for a nationalist party which will protect them from the invaders.

Politically, it would be smart for the Alliance to work with the Sweden Democrats in order to maximize its influence. The Sweden Democrats have said that they are willing to lend support to a coalition which will give them influence over policy, especially on immigration. A coalition with the center-right would be the most right-wing ruling government that could be created. However, if the Moderates refuse, the Sweden Democrats may be in a better position to grow from the opposition.

As it is, the Alliance will have a tough time even ousting Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Lofven without support from the nationalists. If it does, it will not have the power to deliver much of anything to Swedish voters without compromising with the Sweden Democrats. Because of this, even though it is only the third largest party, the Sweden Democrats hold significant, and growing, power in Sweden.

Jay Lorenz

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