Democrat Rep. Attacks “White Men Senators” Who Want Evidence for Kavanaugh Accusation

Democrat Rep. Attacks “White Men Senators” Who Want Evidence for Kavanaugh Accusation

Everyone in the Democratic Party must bow at the altar of anti-Whiteness. Wednesday on CNN, Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA), a White man himself, attacked “White men” Republican senators for asking that Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, testify on Monday.

In the interview, Garamendi said, “Women for decades have faced this situation. They have always when they come forward with an accusation of assault or rape. They become the victim in the hearing. And we have to put a stop to that. Women across this nation should be outraged at what these white men senators are doing to this woman. This woman needs a fair hearing, as every woman does who brings forth a charge such as Professor Ford is bringing forth.”

According to Garamendi, asking for evidence is beyond the pale, and a form of victimization. What Garamendi, Ford, and the Democrats want is an FBI investigation. This is an absurd request, as the FBI has no jurisdiction over this case. This would be a matter for the local police if it were reported at the time it is alleged to have happened. Of course, it wasn’t reported at that time, and the statute of limitations has long since run out. What the Democrats are seeking is an endless investigation in order to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The attacks by Garamendi and others are just grandstanding to create an emotional justification for something that makes no sense legally.

This is also another case of a White man in the Democratic Party falling all over himself to insult White men, in the hope that he can stay in power. Because of the anti-White direction the Democrats are going in, White men feel pressure to follow along, and think that they can stick around if they just hate themselves enough. Unfortunately for Garamendi, Joe Crowley, Michael Capuano, and others, if there are enough non-Whites voting, it does not matter what they do or say—if you’re White, you’re out.

Jay Lorenz

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