FBI Arrests Muslims Training for Terror Attacks at New Mexico Compound

FBI Arrests Muslims Training for Terror Attacks at New Mexico Compound

On Friday, the FBI arrested five Black Muslims, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, Jany Leveille, Subhannah Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, and Lucas Morton, suspected of running a terrorist training camp at a New Mexico compound. Subhannah Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, and Morton had previously been released after prosecutors failed to meet a ten-day deadline to present evidence for child abuse charges. Leveille and Siraj Ibn Wahhaj were still in custody when charged on Friday.

Of the five, Leveille is an illegal alien from Haiti, Morton appears to be an African-American convert to Islam, and the other three are of unclear origin. The new federal charges are not for terrorism, but for illegal possession of firearms. As an illegal alien, Leveille faces up to ten years in prison for possessing firearms. The four others are charged with aiding, abetting, and conspiring with Leveille. The accused were found at a training compound in the desert, with makeshift obstacle courses, weapons, ammunition, high-capacity magazines, and bulletproof vests. There were twelve children there as well, eleven of them starving and one of them dead.

A photograph of the compound.

Authorities have known about the compound for some time, through anonymous witnesses and complaints. From the Washington Post:

“According to an anonymous witness cited in the federal complaint, Leveille wanted to take a child to the property to perform an exorcism on him to cast the demons from his body. After he was resurrected, the boy would instruct them what corrupt institutions they needed to get rid of, which the witness said included teachers, military, law enforcement and financial institutions, the complaint said. That witness, as well as one more who was also not named, said that they believed that meant killing or imprisoning people who did not believe as they did, the complaint alleges.

The first witness also told investigators that Ibn Wahhaj wanted to get an army together and train them for ‘jihad,’ which the witness believed meant to kill people in the name of Allah. That witness and Ibn Wahhaj were both engaged in weapons training at the compound, the complaint alleges.”

Authorities are still looking for enough evidence of terror plots to prosecute, however. For now, the five conspirators will be held on weapons charges as the local district attorney prepares for a grand jury indictment on more severe charges.

The pieces are there, and these people need to be hammered. This story has everything that should be needed to put these people away for a long time: Muslims, an illegal alien, illegal weapons, a training compound, and damning testimony from people who knew of the compound. Another factor (that seems to have been brushed over by everyone) is the origin of the children. How did they get there? Are they all the children of the five adults running the place? This is definitely something to look into. The only information released on any of the children is that the dead one was the son of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, who left his wife with the child nine months ago. There is a strong possibility that these children were abducted, and they were certainly severely abused. With all of this information, only being able to get them on weapons charges would be a massive failure.

This story has been all but buried by the mainstream media. You would think the discovery of a Muslim terrorist training ground would make national headlines everywhere, but that has not been the case. Instead, the story has gotten minimal attention, as the media runs cover for its non-White pets.

The truth is that wherever there are Muslims, there are Muslims plotting attacks. This is a hostile population. When Muslims come to America from abroad, they do so to wage jihad. Either through direct violence or through demographic shifts in their favor, Muslims seek to instill fear and impose their will on the host population. When American Blacks convert to Islam, they do so out of an anti-American, anti-White animus. The Nation of Islam, which many African-American Muslims adhere to, states that Whites are a race of “devils” created by the scientist Yakub.

You can see why the media doesn’t want to draw attention to this story. Because of the mass immigration and anti-White hatred the media supports, people like this exist throughout the country, threatening to break down what is left of American civil society. In a sane country, this would be the number one story on every network right now.

Jay Lorenz

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