FTN 149: International Disorder

FTN 149: International Disorder

McFeels and Halberstram expand upon the political realignment currently taking shape not only with the Republican and Democratic parties, but in other European nations across the globe. In what many historians will look upon as a decade of tumult, much is up for grabs on a political landscape that is changing on an almost hourly basis. With non-white immigration as one of many proxies for destroying whiteness, globohomo is hard at work making sure you don’t notice, and if you do notice, you will be systematically silenced. You are, after all, interfering with the international rule-based order and must be thwarted at all costs.

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:00 – Destroying Whiteness
00:18:00 – The Great 21st Century Political Realignment
01:05:00 – WALL
01:30:00 – Europa Report
01:40:00 – International Disorder
02:06:00 – The CHAD Kavanaugh
02:20:00 – Muh Five Thousand
02:29:00 – Sessions v. Kritarchy
02:46:00 – Immigration Round-Up
03:20:00 – Outro

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