Nationalist Popularity Soars in Italy

Nationalist Popularity Soars in Italy

A recent poll shows that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s Northern League (Lega) Party has become the most popular party in Italy. A Demopolis poll conducted on September 11-12 shows Lega growing from 17% of the vote in the election held earlier this year to 32% now. Meanwhile, its populist coalition partner, the Five Star Movement (M5S), polled at 30%.

In 2018, Italians decided to ditch the establishment entirely, and voted for Lega and M5S, both anti-establishment parties. M5S ran on a populist, anti-corruption platform, while Lega ran on a hard right, anti-immigrant platform. Both approaches have been popular, but the results delivered by Lega have made it the biggest political force in the country, and made Salvini the country’s most popular political figure.

Under the direction of Salvini, Italy has closed its ports to ships carrying migrant invaders. Previously, nongovernmental organizations, which are in the business of ferrying invaders from Africa to Europe, were allowed to operate unimpeded. This action means that Italy is no longer the number one port of entry for invaders coming into Europe. Salvini has also called for “a mass cleansing, street by street, piazza by piazza, neighborhood by neighborhood,” a census of Roma living in Italy, and the deportation of all non-citizens. He also rountinely sitcks up for the Italian people in television appearances, insisting that they are a people and an ethnicity, and that they must be protected as a nation from so-called migrants.

In doing all of this, Salvini has also stood up to the tyrannical EU, and asserted Italian sovereignty. At a European conference earlier this week, Salvini rejected the notion that Africans must be imported to replace the aging European population, saying, “Maybe in Luxembourg there’s this need, in Italy there’s the need to help our kids have kids, not to have new slaves to replace the children we’re not having.” This attitude has caused all of the right people to attack him, including Jean-Claude Juncker, Emmanuel Macron, and Angela Merkel. These unpopular politicians and unelected officials trying to police and shame the extremely popular Salvini only makes him more powerful.

Salvini and Lega will only continue to grow in popularity as they stand at the forefront of the coalition defending Europe from the migrant invasion.

Jay Lorenz

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