Obama’s Bewilderment Syndrome

Obama’s entrance into the midterm fray showed yet again that the Democrats have no meaningful message for November.

Obama’s Bewilderment Syndrome

Last week, Obama launched himself into the midterm fray. This worked splendidly in 2016, so why not try it once more? Make sure he keeps talking about Nazis, too. That’s gaslit the average White voter so effectively since Trump came down that escalator in 2015. Even questionable polls are forced to put him higher than Obama at the same point in their tenures.

Many alienated Whites who voted twice for Obama switched to Trump out of disgust with the results of his puppet-presidency. Fortunately, they just can’t keep him on the golf course. “Hope and Change” turned to frustration with the independents years ago. It was a one-time winner. Obama can’t induce TDS any further, but he’ll anger swing voters.

Obama derided the Republicans as being led by “conspiracy theories.” Brilliant. It’s not a disputed fact that his administration secretly infiltrated and surveilled the Trump campaign based on what’s been demonstrated to be absurd, phony evidence concocted by high-level partisans. More and worse is still coming out.

Democrat attempts to overturn the 2016 election with the biggest conspiracy theory in American history has divided the country in a profound way. It really makes the 9/11 stuff seem quite plausible in comparison. They’ve convinced millions of people that civil and/or global conflict is obligatory over the political equivalent of chem trails.

For this rant at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, his speechwriter even had the foolishness to reference us. He actually called us White Nationalists rather than White Supremacists. Here’s one quote:

“When you vote, you’ve got the power to make sure white nationalists don’t feel emboldened to march with their hoods on or hoods off in Charlottesville.”

He brought us up at a college of all places. Thanks, Obama! This movement thrives on open-minded young men with critical thinking skills. They need to be aware we exist so that they can check us out and form their own opinions. Unlike the Establishment, we don’t enforce blatant lies. We present logical arguments backed by reality. Publicity works in our favor for precisely this reason.

It’s tough to prescribe a good tactic Democrats could use appeal to White swing voters at this point. Unions don’t matter if the jobs are gone. Trump took that one away. He’s been pushing hard to bring back manufacturing. The party he hijacked sure isn’t on board, so unions may be of limited rhetorical utility. The promise of universal healthcare had always been a golden goose for them in terms of votes, but Obamacare proved a corrupt, convoluted disaster when it actually came to fruition.

A Bernie Sanders-style crazed appeal for loads of free stuff without outlining any feasible plan for its provision seems to be the optimal approach. Rather than adopting that, Nazis and Russians are what they’re making this about. It’s like we’re going into the 1942 midterms.

“What happened to the Republican Party?!” shouted Obama. They were such dedicated losers when he was in office. He’s never had to face anyone adept who showed up to actually win before. It must be a bewildering experience for a puppet who has never known anything but affirmative-action handouts.

Perpetual war for Israel, exporting manufacturing to gut the middle class, importing the 3rd world until the country collapses—none of these are popular initiatives, even if the average White person who hates what’s going on can’t articulate them as such. Neither party brought them up. Nor did the MSM. So, when someone storms into the Oval Office by opposing this stuff, all his confused predecessor can do is shout “racist!”

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