Ruth Bader-Ginsburg is on Death’s Doorstep

A weak and barely coherent Ginsburg, unable to even hold her head up, made an appearance at the George Washington University Law School last week.

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg is on Death’s Doorstep

85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has stated her intention to serve at least five more years. Judging by an appearance she made last week at the George Washington University Law School, there is no chance of this happening. The appearance drew headlines for Ginsburg’s criticism of the partisanship shown at the Kavanaugh hearings, but the real headline is that she appeared to be inches from death.

Ginsburg’s poor health was disturbing and impossible to ignore. She struggled to even hold her head up. The two-time cancer survivor also appears to weigh no more than 70 pounds—a minor fall could easily result in a life-threatening injury with her lack of bone density. In addition to these physical maladies, Ginsburg displayed clearly diminished mental faculties, taking ages to answer questions, unable to give anything beyond very simple answers, and frequently losing her train of thought. How could anyone feel comfortable with someone in this state making the most important legal decisions in America? Only an irrational Democratic partisan could defend having the withered Ginsburg on the country’s highest court.

Regardless, she doesn’t appear to have much time left. The average person in her condition lives for maybe another year. With all the medical treatment she has access to, and the desperation to keep her alive to prevent Trump from making another Supreme Court appointment, she might have two or three. That means she could make it to the next election, but, if Trump is reelected, he will appoint her replacement. Ginsburg will not make it to 2024.

That would mean three Supreme Court appointments for Trump—a full third of the court. What an opportune time to become president.

Ginsburg’s handlers made a mistake letting her be seen in public like this. To keep the illusion that she has several more years left, they should have kept her hidden away as much as possible, and not discussed her health. Instead, they tried to push the meme that she is in great shape, by planting mainstream media articles about her workout regimen. This had no chance of producing the intended effect, as not only is it not true, it is clearly the opposite of reality.

Now, anyone who is paying attention knows that Ruth Bader-Ginsburg is on death’s doorstep.

Jay Lorenz

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