The Left’s Rhetoric is Destroying American Society

By ignoring basic standards of civility and truth, the Democrats and the media are sowing discord and causing violence in America.

The Left’s Rhetoric is Destroying American Society

The rhetoric of American politics has escalated wildly. Weimerica is long past the days of Obama mildly telling his supporters to “get in their faces.” The New York Times, which is unfortunately one of the most esteemed papers on Earth, gave us yet another example in an opinion piece by Jennifer Weiner about how she “wants to burn the frat house of America to the ground” in righteous anger over being triggered by Kavanaugh.

It’s hard to get more strident than that metaphor. In the context of the current year, it constitutes a deliberate incitement to violence. Five years ago, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. It is now. This country is chocked full of lunatics who need their trigger button pushed before they actually do something crazy. They’re being whipped into a frenzy. These people have a proven capability for very bad things once sufficiently agitated. That’s how we got the BLM massacres of police officers, several Republican congressmen nearly killed at a softball game, and loads of other violent incidents that the MSM attempts to bury.

Again, this is a piece published in the NYT. It’s not the Facebook page for a local chapter of ANTIFA. It’s very difficult to believe that they don’t understand the extremely dangerous direction they’re taking. They put ideas in people’s heads for a living. Apparently, they’ve calculated that this is a good tactic. It’s surely not. A responsible editor would at least change some of the wording.

Here’s an excerpt from a “Times Pick” in the comments section. It was among the few selected by them to highlight out of nearly 1,000:

Perhaps this idiot thinks he’s also making a clever metaphor, but his sentiments are a reminder that burning someone’s house down is a remarkably simple procedure. Brett Kavanaugh has a house. Fortunately, he also has the much-needed protection of law enforcement. Softer targets do not. The average Republican official has no protection. Senator Rand Paul got injured in an attack by a nutty neighbor in his own yard. He was totally undefended.

In a broader sense, what’s going on here is the promotion of violence and the legitimization of Trump’s supporters as targets for that violence. It’s a stupid plan bound to backfire. Yet, it reveals the panic on the other side. Their ideas have been rejected and their attempts to remove him are taking the direction of a boomerang.

So, all that’s left is to instill fear in his base. When Joe Biden calls them the “dregs of society,” he’s got a speech writer who gamed things out. It seems to be a desperate ploy to keep Trump voters afraid and at home. The dregs of society are not worth caring about. When someone cracks their skull with a lead pipe for wearing a MAGA hat, what’s the problem? It’s a clear message they’re trying to get across.

The folly of a strategy should never be mistaken as comparable to the determination of those employing it. These are the same people who think that the 1st world can be flooded with the 3rd and nothing will go wrong. They’re drinking their own Kool Aid.

Putin hacked our election. Brett Kavanaugh raped a lady over 30 years ago at a time and place she doesn’t remember. My neighbor saw a leprechaun in 1996. There’s zero proof for each of these claims and yet it’s impossible to conclusively disprove them either. That doesn’t confer the slightest credibility. This principle matters precious little to a nutjob.

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