The President is Surrounded by Traitors

In case there was any doubt, the New York Times piece by an unnamed official confirmed that the White House is full of enemies of the president.

The President is Surrounded by Traitors

Though he pledged to “drain the swamp” during his campaign, President Trump proceeded to largely surround himself with creatures from its deepest depths. From the very beginning, deep state types wormed their way in and staffed the administration with people who despise the president and his America first agenda. The result has been predictable: Trump is undermined at nearly every turn by the very people who are supposed to be implementing his agenda.

From James Mattis’ resistance to the president’s common sense decision to ban trannies from the military, to Nikki Haley’s attempts to get the US involved in another Middle East war, to Kirstjen Nielsen’s refusal to effectively enforce immigration law, to Dan Coats’ attempted sabotage of the president’s meeting with Vladimir Putin, Trump is swimming against the current every time he tries to do anything that deviates from the establishment’s wishes. These are just a few examples of hundreds of little (and big) things people within the Trump administration do to undermine the president.

The executive branch agencies run largely on bureaucratic inertia, and are headed by people who want to keep the status quo—the deep state. In theory, the president, as the chief executive, has authority over the entire executive branch. In practice, a shadowy group of career bureaucrats and political insiders invested in perpetuating globohomo are thwarting him, backed by a judiciary which regularly usurps Trump’s authority.

According to the New York Times, one proud idiot decided to admit to the whole thing. By bragging about his efforts to undermine the president, an “anonymous senior official” confessed to committing a seditious conspiracy in the opinion pages of the Times. In an essay titled “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” a person claiming to be an anonymous senior official within the administration detailed how he is “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”

This could have been written by any number of people “working for” the president. It also could be based on the accounts of multiple people, because the administration is full of swamp creatures doing this. It shouldn’t take an article in the Times for the president to realize it, but if he didn’t know before, he does now.

Within the essay is also an admission of the existence of the deep state. The author details how Trump was staunchly against applying more needless and petty sanctions against Russia. Instead of respecting his wishes, Trump’s national security team directly contradicted their boss, and worked to get the sanctions slapped on. Of this action, he writes, “This isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state.” What an obvious semantic game. The actions he describes are exactly what people mean when they talk about the deep state. He just doesn’t want to use that name.

One wonders what the author thinks he has accomplished with this essay. The only people heartened by this are people like those in the New York Times reader base—hysterical liberals who think that impeachment is right around the corner, and want to believe that the deep state is working to bring Trump down. To everyone else, this is either a shocking admission of government corruption or a great reason for Trump to purge the administration and install loyalists. The article may have fanned the author’s ego (and helped him justify working for the Trump administration), but it didn’t do any good for the cause of stopping Trump.

In fact, it likely hurt the author’s efforts. Now, Trump will be extremely suspicious of anyone who tries to dissuade him from following his instincts. Being alerted to the fact that much of the advice he receives is in bad faith, President Trump will be far more likely to ignore it and follow his instincts instead. In addition, advisers who are loyalists (or at least want to seem loyal) are now going to be forced to do more to prove to the president that they are with him. They are going to be acutely aware of Trump’s suspicion. After seeing this article, no one can confidently go against Trump’s wishes without fearing consequences. Ultimately, the effect of this essay will be to create a more resilient, determined Trump surrounded by people afraid to oppose him.

Blormph btfo, I guess?

It’s time to for Trump to purge his administration of traitors. He can no longer tolerate his own appointees actively working against him. Nielsen, Haley, Mattis, Coats, and everyone else who isn’t on board has to go. Even if Trump has to fire everyone but Stephen Miller and rebuild his administration from the ground up, this is the right thing to do. President Trump needs to follow his instincts and take control before it is too late.

Jay Lorenz

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