Welcome to the New Democratic Party

White Democrats are finding out that brown voters means brown politicians.

Welcome to the New Democratic Party

The Coalition of the Ascendant, upon which the Democratic Party now relies, is ousting senior White politicians in favor of their own. This is not an 2008 Obama vs Hillary type of primary phenomenon. That was nationwide and involved a majority White electorate. What’s going on now is mainly a process taking place in majority-minority House districts.

The upstart Ascendants are winning because they look like the voters in their districts. The White incumbents are losing for precisely the opposite reason. Their vastly disproportionate financial advantages, establishment support, and (what used to be the decisive advantage in a primary), incumbency, are proving to be useless. Identity is the most important factor for Ascendants.

Lamentably, this isn’t the case at the moment for many Whites. Reality will eventually disabuse them of the mind-fog of civic nationalism imposed from birth and blasted daily by the TV. This is a thorough programming that will take a while to overcome. Don’t be frustrated that it is not happening all at once.

“Anti-establishment” sentiment is a completely banal piece of sophistry by the (((MSM))). The upstarts aren’t espousing a different set of policies from the incumbents. The Establishment itself has been going so crazy against Trump that it would be harder to ramp the rhetoric up further, short of calling for another civil war. They’ve taken it so far that the rubes might suffer from strokes. They’re constantly getting their blood pressure raised off the charts with promises of impending impeachment and brown children packed into dog cages. What more could White Democrats really do?

This is a trend that is not going away. Let’s quickly recap the highest-profile White ousters. First, Representative Joe Crowley from NY’s 15th district (Whites are a small minority there) got booted out of a race he hadn’t thought of losing in his wildest dreams by a dimwitted, crazy-faced, 28 year-old bartender named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He didn’t even show up to one of the debates because he thought that he had more pressing business advancing his position in DC. Instead of replacing Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House, he’s gone forever. If you’re worried that the people in charge have some grand scheme look no further than what happened to Crowley. They’re clueless and out of touch.

Next, his fellow 10-term colleague Michael Capuano in Massachusetts’ 7th district got pushed aside by Ayanna Pressley, a Black woman over 20 years his junior, in a district where only about a third of his constituents were White. Capuano got alarmed by what happened to Crowley and took the primary campaign quite seriously. It was still in vain.

All of this was presaged by the contest for the chairmanship of the party itself shorty after Trump’s victory. Sally Boynton Brown really wanted the job. On stage, she made a cringy declaration that her “job is to shut other White people down” behind a screen with the hashtag #demincolor. Sally realized what was going on with the DNC and made a desperate attempt to be relevant. She simply ended up debasing herself. The chairmanship went to Tom Perez.

The takeaway that White Democrats should be internalizing is that your loyalty to the party and its anti-White priorities, such as flooding the country with non-Whites, means nothing. You’re still the same as the people you’ve betrayed and considered equally as disposable. Although you’ve acquiesced to the dispossession of your children, that doesn’t mean you get to ride off into the sunset in return for your treachery.

Let’s look back on what happened to Capuano. A loyal office-holder with no scandals, fully in support of the program, with a long track record of doing so, never gets thrown under the bus by senior party colleagues in a primary. That’s politics 101, because an organization cannot function without a significant degree of cohesion. You’re important. You give loyalty and you receive loyalty. That was what the support for Clinton was all about. Everybody knew her deep flaws, but it was her turn. So, they went to bat for her. That’s always how it has worked up until now. After Crowley’s loss, the rats sniffed a shifting scent. This is significant in a way that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Just look at Capuano’s peers: both Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, along with Representatives Niki Tsongas and Seth Moulton, saw what was coming and chose not to make an endorsement. A non-endorsement of a fellow incumbent is unmistakably a tacit endorsement of his opponent. These are members of the same Democrat state congressional delegation that worked closely with Capuano for years. They had no ideological differences of any substance. The two major papers, The Boston Globe and Boston Herald, couldn’t make any real criticism of Capuano, yet they endorsed Pressely and praised her to the rafters because of her “fresh face.”

It was a cold goodbye, but well-deserved by this traitor to his own people. Like dominoes, we’ll see this go on and on. The Democrats are working hard for us. It’s the Republicans who are the problem.

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