White Incumbents Struggle in New Democratic Party

Long-tenured White incumbents are finding out that a safe blue district is no longer a safe White district.

White Incumbents Struggle in New Democratic Party

This is Weimerica. All of the old rules that the Establishment is accustomed to playing by are off the table. This includes senior Democrat politicians who thought themselves to be securely ensconced in their offices. A safe blue district is no longer a safe White district. It’s a lesson they’re learning the hard way.

The most prominent example we had seen was the election loss of Representative Joe Crowley, a 10-term incumbent from NY’s 14th District who was widely-considered to be a potential replacement for Nancy Pelosi after November’s “blue wave.” Instead, Crowley got hit by a brown wave back in June. Defeat only required someone brown to run against him in the primary for his heavily-brown district.

That took the form of 28 year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This vibrant young lantinx isn’t too bright, but she understands who she is in contrast to the White guy. Crowley genuinely didn’t see it coming to the point of not recognizing the importance of showing up to a debate. He received his just comeuppance.

Up north in Massachusetts’ 7th District, another 10-term incumbent became alarmed. Only around one third of his constituents are White. After his colleague’s humiliating rout, he campaigned desperately to defend a primary challenge to a seat so safe that no Republican is even bothering to contest it in November. It must have been a terrible feeling for 66 year-old Michael Capuano, who probably hadn’t entertained the idea of his political irrelevancy until quite recently. He’d never even been challenged in a primary before.

This blue-eyed oppressor has been ousted by Ayanna Pressley, a 44 year-old African-American. Her campaign slogan: “The people closest to the pain should be closest to the power, driving and informing the policy-making.” These two Democrats had no substantive policy disagreements, but as Pressley pointed out in her victory speech, “It matters who those Democrats are.” See ya later, Whitey.

Until recently, an upset like this was unthinkable. Congressmen in safe seats, particularly Democrats, were untouchable. If an extremely rare primary upset were to occur, it was nearly always because the incumbent was marred by some sort of scandal. At this point, it’s becoming regular and purely a question of identity. Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley didn’t win because they’re “more progressive” candidates. That’s just a narrative the MSM is trying to maintain. They won because they are brown.

Democrats like Capuano are now in an impossible situation similar to what Hillary Clinton faced back in 2016. If you must rely on non-White constituents united and animated in part by an anti-White animus, how can you win as a White candidate? The only strategy they’ve ventured is to increase their browner-is-better whoopla. That’s clearly not working. These people want to vote for one of them.

Primaries like these are just the beginning. We’ll see much more in 2020. There are vibrant aspirants in blue districts across the country who have taken notice of what’s happening in 2018. They now realize that if there’s a White Democrat, this person represents the past. No matter how senior his position might be, his seat can be seized by someone endowed with sufficient vibrancy. What’s required is the will to step forward and take it. You can be a congressman too, Pedro.

Seats that were once off-limits have become opportunities for the Ascendant. A track record of accomplishment isn’t even remotely a prerequisite. Crowley got tossed off the ship he’d been sailing for two decades by a 28-year old bartender with a sub-100 IQ. Think about that for a minute. Race made the difference, and it cannot happen any other way. In multi-racial societies, politics are racial. Weimerica is no exception.

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