Flake Takes Parting Shot at the President

Flake Takes Parting Shot at the President

Over the weekend, lame duck senator, Jeff Flake, gave a retirement interview to CSPAN. In the interview, he counter-signaled the GOP at every chance, clearly bitter that he can no longer get elected in the new Republican Party.

Instead of exiting silently, Flake is choosing to spend his final days trying to divide the GOP. His most subversive answer in the interview was the suggestion that someone should primary Trump in 2020. He didn’t rule out that he might be the one challenging Trump, even though he can’t win a primary or general election in his own state.

Flake didn’t leave his attacks to only Republican politicians—he also went after the voters. While complaining about Trump’s rallies, Flake said he was most disturbed by “the cheers from people behind him.” This reveals the true source of Flake’s frustration. For all his lamentations about the loss of “principled conservatism,” what he is really angry about is that the party is finally appealing to its base—people who Flake has absolute contempt for.

If Flake, or anyone else, primaries Trump in 2020, they will be destroyed. Not only that, it will put another bullet in the already dying old guard GOP which Flake, John McCain, Bob Corker, and many other irrelevant Republicans represent. They already tried to bring him down in 2016 and failed. Republicans have two choices: get on board or go away. Those who try to oppose Trump will only end up embarrassing themselves like the failed politician Jeff Flake.

Jay Lorenz

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