Graham Steps Up, While Flake Cucks

At the Kavanaugh hearing, Lindsey Graham spoke for Republican voters. Jeff Flake stabbed them in the back.

Graham Steps Up, While Flake Cucks

Times are strange. When Lindsey Graham, of all the people in the Republican Party, makes the most compelling plea for propriety and common sense, what comes next? It’s all so theatrical and absurd at this point. It is highly entertaining to be sure, but is it a harbinger of worse to come? Crazier is the only path on this timeline for now, so probably. Just wait until Ginsburg bites the dust.

We’re not even debating two sides of an argument. The Democrats know there’s nothing to any of these ridiculous allegations. No rational person could. They’re simply throwing a Hail Mary pass, hoping to obstruct any SCOTUS appointments until the mythical blue wave washes away Trump in 2020.

The fact that this involves wrecking the life of a decent man by making lurid and absurd allegations that he was a teenage rapist in front of his wife and young children makes no difference. Republicans may be inept, but at least they have the decency not to do something this disgusting. It speaks volumes about what we can look forward to if they lose power.

Watching these women lay siege to congressional offices is somewhat hilarious. However, it’s easy to feel bad for them. They’re not in DC working themselves into hysterics because things are going well for them in life. In that regard, it’s cruel and irresponsible to deploy them as foot soldiers. This isn’t the 1950’s anymore. Lots of women go through life bereft of healthy relationships with a father and then a husband. They get neglected, pumped, dumped, and then permanently bitter. Or, they get radicalized and deeply-indebted before ever leaving college. It’s a facile psychology that’s easy to grasp.

Take Alyssa Milano, for example. There’s a video of her chanting and banging on the door to the office of Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. A crazy-eyed woman is crazy. This is a law of physics as consistent as gravity. In her case, she probably had some Weinstein moments during her career as a beautiful young actress back in the day. What likely fuels her rage is the fact that day is over. She’s aged, and beauty, what used to define her self-worth, has faded. So, she combines desperation to be the center of attention again with trauma from the past. This is the product. Our country has a bottomless pit of crazy for the Democrats to dig up. It would be irrational to expect anything to calm down.

The most cringy element to the whole affair is Senator Jeff Flake. Even his name imparts the connotation of loser. This guy’s facial expressions are even worse. Sad, confused loser-face is a thing now. He knows that he’s so despised by the base of his own party that he didn’t even bother running for reelection in November. Although 55 is young from a congressional standpoint, he lacks enough spine to risk getting primaried. All he could do to maintain some shred of his self-worth was to bash Trump in order to rake in the praises from the other side.

What was easy to tell from his expressions in the hearings was that he was undergoing the realization that instead of being a hero, all he did was mark himself as a target. This is a man who realizes his blood is in the water, and the people he wanted to admire him are circling around like sharks. So, he meekly asks for a one week extension for the FBI to vet a matter that can’t ever be investigated. Back in March, he said he wouldn’t rule out a primary challenge to Trump in 2020. He won’t do it—the poor guy is just desperate for dignity.

In some ways, Flake(y) personifies the Republican Party. The old establishment is beset by Democrats devoid of decency, bullied by a man who hijacked their party and humiliated them, the subject of anger and derision from their voters. They’re confused and grasping for a clue that their character keeps out of reach.

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