I Am Not An Economic Unit

I Am Not An Economic Unit

Human beings have become commodified. We are not people with histories, cultures, emotions, and beliefs, but rather economic units in the eyes of America’s elites. Economic units who, if we are not producing well enough for our corporate masters and the capitalist class, can be discarded and replaced. Thus it is better to think of America as a machine, rather than as a country. If there are parts in a machine that are not working to 100% efficiency, you just replace them. You don’t think about the effects that replacing those machine parts might have on the parts because, well, they are just parts, not human beings. The dehumanization of White Americans has been so widespread within all of politics that Donald Trump was considered radical for humanizing us again.

The predominate argument that the Left and Right make for diversity is that diversity makes for a more productive work environment and that it increases profit share. The Left, of course, hates White people and hates White countries like America, thus it is unsurprising that the Left dehumanizes Whites by taking pleasure at the pain that diversity has caused our communities. We know from the research of Professor Robert Putnam that diversity makes people less happy, more isolated, less trusting of local and national government, and more cynical. That is why even though White people’s lives have improved economically, White people feel less happy and more depressed than we ever have. Of course, none of this matters to the ruling elites on both the Right and the Left. This should not surprise us, seeing as the elite class of our country have basically no interactions with ordinary people.

What is somewhat surprising is that one of the Left’s top justifications for diversity is that it helps businesses make more money. The American Left at least used to pretend to care about the working class but it is no longer even pretending. This became clear after Tucker Carlson made his famous monologue against diversity. Carlson’s argument was about how diversity was bad for the country and its citizens. He talked about how diversity had made America a less cohesive, less happy country, and a lot of our deep divisions and inability to get things done as a country comes from the fact that we are a racially diverse country. Here is how a writer for the Washington Post responded: “If the counter-tweets don’t sufficiently make the point, consider that study after study after study after study has endorsed the value of diversity in organizations.” And when the writer says “organizations” what he means are corporations because the studies he is referencing only talk about the benefits of diversity to workplace efficiency. Tucker Carlson is trying to make a statement about how diversity is bad for average Americans and the country as a whole, and the Post’s response is that it helps corporations make more money.

The Washington Post writer then goes on to make the Alt Right’s point for us. He does this by showing how much he agrees with Fox News. He says “But why should Carlson believe such studies, when he can consider a more immediate authority: his own employer. In it’s 2017 annual report, Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox essentially answers Carlson’s question about diversity.” The writer goes on to quote a pretty standard corporate statement about valuing diversity and inclusion. The writer ends his piece by appealing to Fox New’s CEO to do a better job of “policing” such statements made by their hosts.

The same conversation is had when Tucker Carlson attacks the massive power of Google and Amazon and the corporate censorship that those corporations carry out against people on the Right. Tucker talks about how this level of corporate power is bad for the country, and the Left counters by saying it is good for corporations and good for the Left.

It is not only the Left that has an obsession with showing loyalty to the capitalist class and satisfying its needs and desires. Much to my chagrin, there are still large segments of the Right that embrace a kind of meritocracy diversity. They claim that all that matters is pulling yourself up by your boot straps and working hard, and that if Whites aren’t making it to the top, then that means that we either aren’t good enough or aren’t working hard enough and thus deserve to be replaced. This right-wing individualism and meritocratic thinking has been attacked by Trump and the alt right, but it has not been successfully destroyed.

Both Republican corporate economic policies and Republican corporate donors must be cut off from the Right. The Koch Brothers denounced Trump. This is a good start. I want the Left to own the corporate class. I want the most notable image of the Left to be those stupid beanie wearing Google executives.

Asserting White, European identity is our primary method of asserting that we are not economic units—that we are more than that. We are rooted in a place, a tradition, and a history. Furthermore, we are asserting these things under the immense pressure of anti-White attacks and diversity policies instituted by corporations that will essentially have White men in a position of being unemployable in the next few decades.

We on the alt right need to get rid of Reaganite conservatism so that something else can flourish. I am not an economic unit, but that is all that Reaganite conservatism sees me as. We are White, Europeans, and we are human beings. The Left seeks to dehumanize through anti-White ideology. The conservative Right seeks to dehumanize us through their capitalist individualist ideology. We need to reject both. Trump was the first step but he cannot be the last. Let the corporate state and ideology burn, and let us be rejuvenated by its fire.

Eric King

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