Prominent Cucks Rush to Attack Trump Amid Mail Bomb Hoax

Prominent Cucks Rush to Attack Trump Amid Mail Bomb Hoax

When the news broke on Wednesday of several Democrats receiving suspicious packages, it was clear that they would try to use it for electoral gain. Since then, several prominent Republican cucks have come out to attack Trump for his rhetoric and supposed complicity in the “attacks.” The enflamed partisan tensions meant a great opportunity for “principled conservatives” to come out pretend to be the voices of reason within the party.

Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney parroted a popular line of the far left, tweeting that the bomb hoax was a result of “hate speech”:

It’s not hard to see that this was an implicit criticism of Trump for actually giving voice to American voters in his rhetoric, something Romney and the left consider hateful.

Republican saboteur Jeff Flake, in two separate interviews with MSNBC (his next employer?), criticized the president’s rhetoric toward the media and Democrats. Flake said that when the crowds at Trump’s rallies begin to chant slogans about Hillary Clinton and the media, the president should stop them and say, “Hey that’s inappropriate. Don’t do that.” No wonder Flake can’t win an election—he thinks that the will of the people is “inappropriate.” It should be no surprise that he has been forced to retire due to his unpopularity.

Ohio Governor and failed presidential candidate John Kasich echoed Flake’s remarks, saying that Trump’s response was “not appropriate.” He also said that Trump was more responsible for the harsh political climate than the Democrats, and praised the press while criticizing his party’s leader. Kasich, like Flake, appeared to be auditioning for a spot on a left-wing network instead of representing his party and his constituents.

Other than being prominent Republican critics of the president, what do all these people have in common? They are all losers. Romney lost his presidential race. Flake can’t win reelection and is one of the least popular politicians in the entire country. Kasich scored in the single digits during his pathetic presidential run. After seeing them once again try to sabotage their own party, it’s not hard to figure out why.

Jay Lorenz

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