Resistance is Futile

What will the Dems’ post-Kavanaugh pivot look like? One thing is for sure: The future is looking very salty.

Resistance is Futile

With Democrats reeling from the fallout of their overreach on Kavanaugh and some polls indicating they will fall short of retaking the House, many have been left wondering where they might pivot next. Even Nate Silver has been forced to admit the generic ballot needs to be D+9 to break the GOP’s dam:

Establishment Dems want to steer clear of any further missteps by a return to bread-and-butter issues, but that strategy doesn’t really work in a party whose ranks have swelled with a burgeoning but fragile coalition of non-whites and shrill Franzia-guzzling wine cows demanding blood.

The J-Left media also know that Schumer and Pelosi blathering on and on about universal healthcare and guaranteed income doesn’t sell ad buys. Seething anti-white hatred and the possibility of destroying Trump through increasingly desperate here’s-how-we-can-still-win policy prescriptions does. And the Democratic Party’s rising stars are counting on this to generate earned media for themselves in what will be a very crowded slate of candidates in 2020. Just where exactly does it all lead? Nowhere but despair.

Ban the Electoral College NOW!

Except that this requires a constitutional amendment which needs two-thirds of both the House and Senate and ratification by 38 out of 50 states (GOP controls the legislatures in 32 of these). As a short-term political strategy this is a total non-starter. There is no scenario in which Democrats secure two thirds of either legislative body, especially when the first time the Senate map will even be competitive for the Democrats will be 2022.

Even IF they controlled two thirds of both houses and three quarters of state legislatures, abolishing the electoral college has been attempted a number of times in the past and has never succeeded, even when such a move was backed overwhelmingly by public opinion. Even the backdoor option, known as the National Popular Vote interstate compact, whereby states would agree to award their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote, has only garnered support from blue states. As a counter, the GOP has proposed awarding electoral votes by congressional district, which would be favorable for them, especially if they lost a particular state’s popular vote.

Bottom line: This is nothing more than a short-term political stimpak aimed at breathing life into a fragile coalition. It will fail, sending them even further over the edge. Even so, the argument has evolved: Over the weekend, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez added an anti-white racial component to this rallying cry.

Pack the Courts!

Another form of pie-in-the-sky gaslighting currently underway is the notion that when Dems retake power, they’ll simply add justices to the Supreme Court, bringing the current slate of 9 to 11. This too would require a constitutional amendment and the requisite two-thirds of both legislative bodies as well as ratification by 38 states. For the reasons outline above, this isn’t happening anytime soon. Still, this argument has been racialized with cries that the current court composition is a perpetuation of white supreeeeemacy!

Bottom line: This too will fail miserably, especially if/when Ruth Bader Ginsberg is replaced and the balance of the court becomes both righter and whiter.

Impeach Blormpf (and Kavanaugh!):

After Comey failed to deliver the goods and Mueller’s probe has so far failed to deliver anything of substance (and will likely be terminated after the midterms), presidential impeachment is mostly DOA as it requires both the House and Senate as well as actual criminal wrong-doing. The low-info left have also not only become fatigued by this argument, it doesn’t poll well as establishment Dems have frantically tried to silence these efforts. For the most part, they’ve succeeded.

In terms of impeaching Kavanaugh, Dems would have to win the House, control the judiciary committee, and secure two-thirds of the Senate. Only one Supreme Court justice has been impeached (but not removed) in United States history and given the fallout from the destroy-Kavanaugh dirty bomb that blew up in their faces, going down this road would be politically perilous.

Bottom line: Even if Dems eek out a victory in the House, all impeachment efforts are DOA. That doesn’t mean they won’t open up 40 concurrent investigations in the lower chamber and pursue impeachment – they absolutely will – but they do so to their own detriment as this will further fatigue independents and will be something the GOP can run against in the run-up to 2020.

Invoke the 25th Amendment!

For those of you out in Rio Rhinelander, this amendment allows for the removal of a president if he is unfit to carry out the duties of his office and it requires a majority of his cabinet and then two-thirds of the House and Senate to follow through on the removal.

Bottom line: Totally DOA.

Let’s Add More States (like DC and Puerto Rico)!

Yet another scheme for diluting the power of white voters would be the addition of new states, such as the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico. Like the other proposals, admission would require two-thirds of the House and Senate.

Bottom line: With all of Puerto Rico’s financial woes and the long-standing status of D.C., not much is changing on this front. At least not until after 2022 when Democrats have any hope of retaking the Senate, and even if they take it, they have virtually no shot at 67 seats.

The bottom-bottom line: There is no scenario in which Democrats achieve the requisite political power to deliver any of the above political schemes (at least not anytime in the near future), so they are essentially just opioid-like memes to energize their base. And like opioids, when the supply runs dry, they’re in for a world of pain.

Dems have been forced to pivot to such ridiculous proposals because they have nowhere else to go – they’re boxed in. A pivot back to universal healthcare, UBI, or free college tuition are boring appeals to a white constituency within the party that is quickly evaporating. Such policy proposals aren’t exciting to non-whites who’ve been conditioned to only accept total destruction of whites and white institutions, so Dems are forced into the impossible position of selling idiotic proposals to their base in order to keep it unified and hope they show up on election day. And a media, who until the advent of Donald Trump were in dire financial straits, are more than happy to cheer them on — if only for just one more click.

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