Text or Troll?

Today the entire country received a text message from Donald Trump. It might be more than many liberals can handle.

Text or Troll?

Today at 2:18 pm EST, everyone in the country received a text message. We all knew that President Donald Trump was the Grand Master of Trolls. This is a man who used the art of trolling to storm the highest echelons of power, humiliating some of the foremost political figures at home and abroad in the process. Today he conducted a bold and ruthless escalation. Under the guise of testing the new Wireless Emergency Alerts system, he texted everyone in America. Nobody got to opt out:

As the jarring buzz of an AMBER alert blared from your phones, the header read “Presidential Alert,” followed by this message: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

Now, on its surface, this all sounds innocent enough. There’s nothing political in the message at all. But, why would that even be required? The American Left has already been whipped into a state of frenzy that was inconceivable not even 5 years ago. He clearly understands that getting a “Presidential Alert” message is the little push many of them need to have a total meltdown.

Trump doesn’t have to say anything for us to infer his purpose. In fact, it would be horribly unwise for him to do so. If testing an emergency message system was the sole objective, then FEMA would just say it was a message from FEMA. That would be far less inflammatory.

It could be better. The message should include a photo of Trump’s smiling face. That would really send folks off the deep end. Unfortunately, this country doesn’t have enough straightjackets and sedatives to handle that type of scenario.

Think about it. Basically, all of America received this text. Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama. Jeff Flake. Jake Tapper. Every single catlady from sea to shining sea. No one was spared. It’s part of a delightful pattern of behavior we’ve been enjoying since 2015. Trumps sees a wound, and salt gets applied without mercy. So, was this just a text or a troll? I’m going with troll.

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