The Difference Between First and Third World Authoritarians

Liberals complain that Trump is an authoritarian. If they get the demographic changes they want, they’ll see what real authoritarianism looks like.

The Difference Between First and Third World Authoritarians

It’s easy to get focused on the mainstream media narratives here in the US: Russia, Racists, Rapists. It’s all so tiresome. It seems to be the cacophony of a nation circling the drain. But, what’s down that drain? What happens when demographics shift from 1st world to the 3rd? It’s not a pretty picture.

The vast majority of people have always been poor, but population numbers today are far greater today than ever before in history. Dirt poor when there’s plenty of empty dirt around relative to the population tends to keep things stable. Everybody can live subsistence lifestyles and find most of their time quite occupied in doing so. However, once populations become urbanized, the worst traits come to the forefront.

A high-time preference and low-IQ aren’t big problems if it just means you’re going to forage rather than planting crops. However, once people like that are crammed into urban areas, largely devoid of meaningful positive activity, with guns and drugs added to the mix, it’s horrific.

Here in the US, with all of our wealth and resources, we’ve never found a solution to the problem. The truth is that there isn’t one palatable to genteel 1st world sensibilities. Conventional conservatives often point to the appalling carnage in places like Baltimore (Bodymore) and Chicago (Chiraq), and say they are that way because those cities are run by Democrats. Not really. It’s who’s dwelling there, not the political party. No matter who’s in charge, there’s not much pursuant to our laws and customs that they could do to halt the bloodshed.

In less-developed countries with soaring populations, these issues are starting to boil over and threaten their basic functionality. The public becomes desperate for solutions to existential problems. Eventually, politicians for whom war is not a metaphor rise to power. At a certain point, it becomes the only effective measure left to take. That’s just ugly reality. Let’s take a look at two such figures.

Rodrigo Duterte

Filipinos have been plagued by an Islamic insurgency in the south and rampant drug crime largely in urban areas. The government can’t afford to play nice. Sweeping drug arrests, comprehensive incarceration, and treatment centers are tactics with a price tag that’s not in the budget.

When Duterte was elected with a foul-mouthed “kill’em all” platform, the Western world was appalled. The people who actually live in that country didn’t feel the same way. The conventional approach had failed. Someone new, doing things quite different, was required. He ordered police to start executing criminals on the spot. That’s the cheapest and most expedient way to do things. Due process is lengthy and expensive. Some estimates put the death toll thus far at over 12,000.

My business requires a lot of time in Asia. When I talk with Filipinos about the matter, upper-class women tend to get teary-eyed and talk about how he’s “controversial” and “dividing the country.” Most men shrug and point out, “What else can he do?”

In Manila alone, there’s at least 4 million people struggling to survive in vast slums amidst open sewage canals. Shabu (crystal meth) addicts doing what they do are a huge problem in these places. Somehow, he’s very popular with residents of these areas and often less so with those who can afford to worry about validating their feelings.

Jair Bolsanaro

Brazilians are confronted with profound and endemic crime. In the past year, homicides hit a record. They tend to be extremely nationalistic and tend to get angry if an outsider brings the country’s problems up. That’s all well and good. However, “the world’s most repulsive politician” just won the first round of the presidential election. That’s an indication of what they’re really thinking.

In Rio, levels of crime are reaching all-time highs. Back in February, a desperate government deployed the army to this city of 12 million, in order to tackle the problem. Success appears limited.

This “blue-eyed monster” is leading a slate of like-minded politicians. One article can’t do him justice. Read up on Bolsonaro, and you’ll be very impressed. His quotes deserve their own book, but suffice it to say that his law-and-order-without-mercy approach is gaining traction. He also had the fortitude to survive an outrageous stabbing by a leftist.

Brazil is a reminder of the future we could face in America. This is absolutely not something desirable in our own country. The way demographics are shifting, it seems to be what we’ll continue to get. Law and order are very basic public goods. They should be appreciated. Most Americans don’t understand what it’s like to need bars on their windows, or a wall around their house topped with broken glass. They’ve never had to contend with highway bandits armed with AK-47s. They live under the expectation that if they need the police, a phone call is all that’s necessary for them to show up and do their job. Security is something that gets taken for granted.


Both of these politicians get compared to Trump. That’s only true in the sense that the Establishment doesn’t like them. In reality, Trump is a very moderate American Boomer who combines belligerency with a disregard for conventional parameters of discourse. Advocating for building a wall to secure the border is a tad different from the mass execution of trouble makers. It’s the 1st world vs the 3rd. Who comes after Trump as our demographic situation continue to degrade? All of the hysterical idiots should calm down for the next 6 years and worry about the future.

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