Trump Rebukes World Trade Organization, Stands for U.S. Interests

Trump Rebukes World Trade Organization, Stands for U.S. Interests

by Anonymous Slim

It’s not often that I get to be proud of my government for standing up to the globohomo new world LGQTIIIIA-LMNOP order. But recently, it did just that.

From Reuters:

U.S. Ambassador Dennis Shea told a packed audience at the WTO that the United States could not accept EU ideas for reforming the WTO’s Appellate Body, effectively the supreme court of world trade, by giving the judges longer, single terms and giving the secretariat more funding.

‘Our view is that that means less accountability for the Appellate Body. We cannot support something that makes the Appellate Body less accountable,’ Shea said.”

What in the seven hells is going on? A Western government is standing up for its own citizenry and putting their best interests first? The US government is pushing back against the eternally self-cucked Euros and forcing them to appease us for a change, not the other way around.

The article goes on to say that that President Trump has “taken the Appellate Body to the brink of collapse by blocking the appointment of judges.” He also has threatened to withdraw from the organization entirely.

I love President Donald J Trump. If nothing else can be said about the man, he understands money. He knows what buttons to press, which levers to pull, and where to apply pressure. He knows he has some of the best and most talented people at his disposal, so he has them study the details of these organizations and agreements to find weaknesses. Then, he just needs to find a point of leverage and use it to push back, because he knows he has the biggest wallet on the block. The world needs our fat burger buying power to stay afloat. American consumerism is the foundation on which globohomo was built; it’s the bait and the carrot that is used to entice the unwitting masses into blindly choking down depressed wages, loss of national sovereignty, and rampant “you can’t shame me” degeneracy.

President Trump is the glorious father figure we deserve, and the rest of the world is lucky enough to get to observe. He is forcing the WTO to stick to the deal that was agreed upon. He isn’t playing semantic games or arguing about percentage points, President Trump’s team cuts straight to the heart of the matter. They aren’t entertaining any of Europe’s tiring word games. Countries like China won’t entertain those fantasies either, especially just so some pompous elites can save face with their own constituents.

Speaking of China:

Shea also repeated U.S. complaints about China, saying that its economic model was inconsistent with the norms of the WTO. ‘This is something this institution really needs to grapple with if we’re going to move forward,’ he said.”

When China joined the WTO, it didn’t abide by the rules. It only made financial reports quarterly, not monthly like is a requirement for all other WTO members. This was so they could hide bad months of manufacturing data by having sharp dips collated and blended in with more normal months of production. I would say it’s sneaky, but everyone knew they were doing it. The WTO had kept them out for a while, but I guess everyone has a buyout price.

As it turns out, if you attack Europe’s domestic industry and flood its markets with cheap and inferior solar panels, they won’t really care or fight back at all. Question their unaccountable transnational organizations or subsidized defense though, and get ready for the finger-wagging of your life.

Anonymous Slim

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