UN Releases Climate Report—Calls for Radical and Immediate Changes

UN Releases Climate Report—Calls for Radical and Immediate Changes

by Francis Stubblefield

The United Nations-run Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a dire report last week on global warming. According to the report, irreversible damage to our world is coming sooner than we think. An increase of 1.5⁰C to 2⁰C in average global temperatures will cause irreversible damage beyond what was previously predicted. Additionally, the earth is more sensitive to human CO2 emissions than previously thought. We now only have until 2030 to reduce our CO2 emissions by 45%, and until 2050 to reduce emissions to net zero to prevent a 2⁰C rise in average global temperatures.

The numbers in the report, titled “Global Warming of 1.5⁰C,” are deeply concerning for the normie global warming crowd, but the blood-and-thunder recommendations in the report are getting media attention. Even the most j-woke of us can be susceptible to fits of anxiety when reading the headlines about impending climate disaster.

This UN report is, of course, propaganda intended to ply White countries into accepting floods of climate refugees and bearing the economic burden of propping up shithole coastal nations. But the media especially loves climate alarmism, as opposed to LGBTQ and race-mixing agendas, because these stories have an impact on all White people, not just liberals. Climate change stories are about the things White people love: snow, animals, and planning for the future. Our traitorous news organizations know that stories about how these things are disappearing will disproportionately stress out Whites, including those of us on the right. Conservatives are more likely to enjoy spending time outdoors and preparing for emergencies than their liberal counterparts.

The media also loves the climate change agenda, because the solutions to climate change provide their preferred outcome for society. The report concludes that “rapid and far-reaching transitions in energy, land, urban and infrastructure (including transport and buildings), and industrial systems” will be required to avoid the dreaded 2⁰C global temperature increase. We are not told what the new world order of energy, land, and infrastructure will become, but the message is clear that the White man’s way of life must be put to an end. We must transition to a global society focused on zero carbon emissions to avoid the future hellscape. These messages are nothing new, though the report specifically states the tenets of the Paris Climate Accord are insufficient. What is new is the assertion that fundamental societal change must be fully implemented within the next 12 years. As one guest on NPR’s “All Things Considered” stated on Tuesday, radical changes must begin in the next one to two years to meet the new accelerated timeline. The media is even bringing out Al Gore to generate content about the UN report. News outlets are running headlines with the former vice president’s catchphrase “Time is running out.”

Timing is everything. Why did the UN decide early October was the right time to re-sound the climate alarm? Everyone is noticing the warmer than usual October weather and many have climate change in the back of their minds. That could be it, but a stronger possibility is that the UN and the news outlets want to spin the media cycle downward on Trump as we hit the midterm elections. It is one more attack they can push on Trump to put get him on defense weeks before the vote. The long-term goal of the climate change agenda is to guilt Whites into giving up their land and wealth, but the immediate goal of this report is to have voters going to the polls anxious about the climate.

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