No Country of Magic Soil

American conservatism must move beyond tired appeals to consitutionalism and embrace populism by appealing to the people who make America great.

No Country of Magic Soil

by Chad Carmichael

At Trump’s rally in Topeka Saturday night, Kansas Republican candidate for governor Kris Kobach said this:

“Tonight, President Trump is here calling on us to get out and vote. Calling on us to stand up. The time is now to stand up for the proven principles and constitutional rights that have made this country great and made this country strong.”

“Stand up, and stand up for the time-tested values of hard work, faith in God, and the United States Constitution.”

Yes, we’re rooting for Kobach to win in November, and we admire his crusade against voter fraud. However, he is playing into the tired conservative line that America is an idea—our “values” are more important than our people. This is flat-out wrong, and there is a good chance Kobach knows that.

The Constitution is an amazing feat of statecraft by the brilliant minds of our Founding Fathers, and it is an important part of what has helped make this country great, but it is ultimately our people who built the colonies, businesses, farms, towns and cities, roads and bridges—who built this nation and made it great both before and after the Constitution was written. Liberia has the same Constitution as ours, but a different people. The result is a country not even near the greatness of America.

Ultimately the Constitution is a byproduct of European Americans; it was made “for ourselves and our posterity,” not for other peoples. Non-Europeans will completely destroy the Constitution if they become a majority as they overwhelmingly do not vote for Republicans. Non-Europeans by and large don’t support the conservative agenda, our First and Second Amendment protections, nor basic legal concepts like presumption of innocence and due process. There are countless other examples.

Kobach and others should give “We the People” the recognition we deserve for building this country and making it great, because it is the American people who will return us to greatness, not a piece of paper. If Kobach moves beyond the same tired appeals to constitutionalism alone, I think he will make a fine contender for president in 2024.

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