Who Perpetrated the Bomb Hoax?

We now know that the “bombs” sent to prominent Democrats and media were hoaxes. But we still don’t know who did it.

Who Perpetrated the Bomb Hoax?

It would appear that the “October Surprise” has finally arrived. If it wasn’t intended, this mass-bomb hoax would at least fit the bill. It’s important to note that the “bombs” in question aren’t explosive devices. They appear deliberately constructed for cartoonish effect, and intentionally unable to detonate. So, the present conundrum isn’t if anyone could’ve been hurt, as that seems to have been impossible. The question is solely the identity of the perpetrator(s). Let’s review the potential culprits.

Deranged MAGA Idiot / Deranged Leftist Idiot

As far as MAGA is concerned, this generally doesn’t fit the bill for right-wing dissent. It’s by far the lesser of the two likelihoods. The only precedent would be Eric Rudolph, whose anger over abortion led him to detonate a bomb at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Moreover, that tragic incident wasn’t a hoax. Only a complete moron would think this prank was a good idea that would benefit Trump.

Hate hoaxes, from misdrawn swastikas to arson and death threats, have become a staple of American life. The outrage over the “hate crime” is strangely enough never matched by the anger once the non-White or non-gentile perpetrator is swiftly exposed. If it’s an idiot, then the overwhelming abundance of precedent points to a leftist. This would be the most plausible scenario.

However, it’s critical to note that the probability of either possibility diminishes with every hour that goes by without a guilty party being apprehended. This is an Orwellian age undreamed of even 15 years ago. Everything done online is recorded and analyzed. DNA forensics are so advanced that if the authorities even have your third cousin in one of many databases, they can track you from that angle alone. Video surveillance is everywhere, paired with facial-recognition algorithms. It wouldn’t even take an hour for law enforcement software to identify commonalities between phones and locations.

Some of the packages displayed to the media have no postage stamp on them, which would imply they were delivered in person. Most of the “targets” were protected by the Secret Service as well. We’re long past the days when the Unabomber could embark on a reign of terror. Besides, Ted Kaczynski had a genius IQ, while the FBI had the technology of the mid-90’s with which to pursue him. There’s no way some imbecile gets away with all of this for 2 days.

Democrat/Media False Flag

If they don’t catch anyone, this would certainly be the stark implication. We’ve spent nearly 3 years embroiled in a demonstrable hoax about Russian election interference. It’s emerged that it was originally perpetrated at the highest echelons of power, and continues to be touted by the media despite a complete and thorough lack of credible proof.

Of course, the MSM is already running wild. CNN even staged a stunt where it pulled its anchors off the stage on live television. The timing seems perfect for a week of hysteria leading into the midterm election. Moreover, it pairs perfectly with the narrative that Trump is inciting violence against noble and blameless journalists. It could also take the entire caravan debacle off the news. It all seems too perfect. Still, these things always have a way of blowing up in their faces. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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